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by Tom Watson on June 1, 2010

In earlier articles I have discussed why testimonials are important to your cleaning business. Now I will touch on how to actually get testimonials from your customers. Ready for the secret answer?

You just need to ask for them.

Most people have no problems providing you with a testimonial provided you held up your end of the bargain. That is not to say that some will decline. I actually had a family member say no because they did not want their name “out there”. I am not sure where “out there” actually was (or is for that matter) but I respected their wishes and did not bring it up again.

Now lets discuss the nuts and bolts process of actually collecting testimonials from your customers. You could just pick up the phone and ask for one. This method is surely the most direct way to get testimonial. It also has the highest probability of success.

This method works best when you have some rapport with the person in charge of the cleaning. When you make the call (of course thank them for their business in the process), ask for the testimonial, then if they say yes just mention you will send them out a testimonial form for them to fill out and send back. Process complete.

If you are not that outgoing (or just uncomfortable with the phone method), another way to ask for a testimonial is to write a short, personal handwritten note. You thank them for their business and ask them for a testimonial if they feel comfortable doing so. Include a testimonial form to make it easy for them. Including a self addressed stamped envelope will seal the deal and give you the best chance of receiving a testimonial.

The last (and least likely to succeed) method is sending out a postcard that has a survey on it with a place to submit a testimonial at the bottom. This method comes across as rather cold and impersonal and generally under-performs as a testimonial gathering tool.

A good way to increase the return rate of the postcards would be to run a promotion associated with the survey. The promotion could run like this. All surveys that are returned within two weeks will be entered into a drawing for two free pizzas from their favorite pizzeria.

You pick a winner at random from the entries and you have a win win scenario. You get some surveys returned, with the possibility of some testimonials and they get the chance for a some free food. Think creatively and have fun in the process.

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