Ten of my favorite posts from the early years…

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by Tom Watson on November 1, 2015

I can’t believe how long I’ve been writing on the this site. It’s actually coming up on six years! That’s amazing to me.

So today I’m going to ask everyone to STOP for a moment and check out some of my favorites from the early years on the site.

It’s probably safe to say that you have missed some of these, after all there is 385 posts plus over 200 podcasts. I’ve covered a lot of different topics, but I try to focus on ones that will help the most people possible in some small way or another.

So like I said, I’ve been digging into the archives a bit and came up with a collection that, in my opinion, are the most valuable. Some of the ones below went over really well, while others didn’t gain any traction (despite being wildly important to ones success). Anyway… lets get started!

How to get cleaning contracts This was from a few years back. Some great stuff for beginners!

Why networking is important to a cleaning business This just explains why networking is so important when just starting out.

Improving your networking skills This is a post that focuses on creating a “mini speech” that can be used at networking functions (or anywhere).

Why your cleaning business should utilize testimonials Testimonials are used in every single industry. Why? Because they work!

Money is valuable, so respect it by NOT WASTING IT This is just a short story about the value of staying on top of expenses.

Tips for hiring cleaning employees This post provides links to a bunch of articles on hiring employees. Valuable stuff!

The secret to success in the cleaning business What is the customer buying? It’s MUCH MORE than just a cleaning service.

Have a few accounts? Watch out for these warning signs This is knowledge that came to me the HARD WAY (by losing accounts).

Five things an office manager will never tell you This post is pretty much exactly as described.

Don’t make something that is “simple”… COMPLICATED! This is an easy business to start as long as you don’t mess things up by complicating it.

Well… I hope that I breathed new life into some of these older posts. I really think that these provide a solid foundation for those just getting started as well as a refresher for those that have been around the block. Share any comments below and get the conversation started.

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1 Rhonda November 10, 2015 at 1:47 pm

Thank you for all the info and tips please keep them coming. I truly appreciate you and your insight even the inspiration for the little guys not to give up!!

2 Tom Watson November 11, 2015 at 10:37 am

THANKS Rhonda! I’ll will KEEP GOING!!

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