Get a FREE SAMPLE of Odorcide 210. My Favorite Professional Grade Odor Management Solution.

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by Tom Watson on November 30, 2014

Getting rid of odors is a priority when you are in the cleaning business. Same goes for those performing carpet cleaning, or any other subset of the cleaning industry.

However being successful at removing odors can be a challenge. Many times people use a substandard product, or a product that will only mask an odor, not eliminate it.

My experience with Odorcide 210

I was lucky early on in my career to find a product called Odorcide 210. It was recommended to me by one of my trusted vendors, so I purchased the product and was instantly impressed. It not only works at making the odor disappear, or less offensive at the very least, but it also smells so good in my opinion.

I’ve had many customers that were pleased with my work removing of all types of smells over the years. Odorcide was my main weapon not only because it works, but due to how cost-effective it is. A tiny little 16 ounce bottle of concentrate can make anywhere between two and thirty-two gallons of cleaning solution depending on the strength desired.

I’ve used the product in my commercial and residential cleaning company, as well as my carpet cleaning efforts. There are many different ways to use Odorcide. It can be applied directly to the odor in question or by adding some concentrate to a bucket of water that you mop with. It can even be used as a laundry and carpet cleaning additive or for use in a fogger as well. It also comes in different formulations that tackle specific problems like cigarette and fire damage odors.

How does Odorcide work?

While I don’t want to turn this post into a chemistry class, it is useful to know how it works. After all, if your goal is to become a “trusted advisor” to your customers you need to know what you are talking about. Anyway, this product is not an enzyme or other agent that simply masks the smell in question. Instead it uses a collection of five different techniques.

The first one is called “counteraction”. It sounds complicated but at its core it’s nothing more than the ability to combine two odors into one. And this new “odor” is either much less noticeable, or completely odorless. I have to say that’s pretty tricky in my opinion. The second way it works is via “bonding” down at the molecular level in an effort to control odors.

The third approach is called “absorption”. This basically means the malodor gets surrounded and absorbed by Odorcide. The fourth approach is by having “inhibitors” that are present in the Odorcide compound. These tackle any possible organic odors that may show up. The fifth way is by “residuals”, and these nifty little agents reactivate after the initial application to provide long-lasting odor control.

I always liked digging into these type technical details because I enjoyed educating the customer on how I was going to tackle their problem. The more I knew about a product or technique the better I could describe in layman’s terms what was possible. And I firmly believe the more the customer believes I know what I’m talking about, the better the chance of getting hired. At the end of the day knowledge equals money.

How to get your FREE SAMPLE of Odorcide

The best way to see if a product will work for you is by trying it yourself. Normally this means buying the product and doing some testing at your own expense. However the Thornell Corporation, the makers of Odorcide, are currently offering a free sample to companies so that they can try their product. Simply fill out their free sample request form by clicking here.

If anyone has any questions, comments or experience using any of the various Odorcide products let your voice be heard by submitting a comment below. As always I’ll do my best to answer what I know. If I don’t know something I’ll ask the experts over at Thornell for the answer.

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1 Beverly Ross May 28, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Would love to try your products.

2 Tom Watson May 29, 2017 at 9:17 am

Are you talking about the Odorcide?

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