Q&A: Amanda Daluga of Fresh Wave IAQ Discusses Value of Sound Odor Management Strategies

Post image for Q&A:  Amanda Daluga of Fresh Wave IAQ Discusses Value of Sound Odor Management Strategies

by Tom Watson on January 12, 2014

For any commercial cleaning business, the value of providing sound odor management strategies can help to enhance business growth and to overcome major odor challenges in any commercial environment.

Fortunately, new eco-friendly solutions have been emerging that can effectively mitigate any foul odor. Cleaning 4 Profit had the unique opportunity of speaking with Amanda Daluga, National Sales Manager at OMI Industries, makers of Fresh Wave IAQ, about next-generation odor management strategies.

Q: Tell us about Fresh Wave IAQ.

Daluga: Fresh Wave IAQ is a commercial line of odor eliminating products, which are non-toxic and effective on both organic and inorganic odors. Our solutions are engineered from a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, which include water, lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove, and cedarwood. Our products are environmentally friendly, and safe to use anywhere.

Q: Why is odor management so important for commercial cleaning providers?

Daluga: Odor challenges are in every environment, including hospitals, schools, hotels, office buildings, and the like. As such, providing the most sound odor management services is critical. Clients come to expect that all odors will be removed the first time, every time.

In addition, most commercial odor mitigation solutions are chemical-based, which means they’re merely masking odors in ways that are actually harmful to building occupants.

If a commercial cleaner keeps running into unhappy clients due to reoccurring odors, they could suffer a loss of business, on top of impacted referrals, which will reduce business growth overall.

Q: You have discussed how sound odor management can impact the bottom-line. Tell us more about this.

Daluga: Absolutely. For many commercial businesses, odor comes with the territory. Major hotel chains fight to keep foul odors at bay in their rooms. Rental car companies always deal with customers who disregard the no smoking policy. Schools and other educational institutions deal with thousands of children daily who bring unique odors into their doors. The list is nearly limitless.

We believe that losing the battle against foul odors can have major business consequences. And, in today’s ultra-competitive market, companies cannot risk losing customers because they don’t have effective odor management policies in place. We all know that the competition is a phone call away.

Conversely, a sound odor management strategy can help to reduce expenses associated with service callbacks, to eliminate costly customer service complaints, to enhance the use of outsourced cleaners, and to keep indoor environments odor-free and safe.

Q: Tell us about why eco-friendly solutions are ideal.

Daluga: As I mentioned, most commercial odor management solutions are comprised of toxic chemicals that merely mask odors. In addition, more and more people are developing allergies to commercial fragrances, resulting in expensive solutions that don’t actually work, or can harm building occupants.

For more than 20 years, OMI Industries has focused on one thing: providing odor abatement solutions that are eco-friendly, effective, and safe to use. Fresh Wave IAQ is engineered from a unique and simple formula, based on a proprietary blend of plant oils, food-grade surfactant, and water, resulting in products that are environmentally friendly, and do not contain harmful VOCs, alcohol, or fragrances.

More important is that our solutions actually work. Fresh Wave IAQ products absorb and destroy odors on a molecular level, and are highly effective in eliminating the most difficult odors found in carpeting and upholstery, restrooms and other locations, as well as instances of fire and water damage.

Q: Anything else that you would like to add?

Daluga: I would just like to add that we are at an exciting time in the commercial cleaning industry. Eco-friendly solutions are evolving in ways that overcome any negative perceptions about effectiveness. Furthermore, many government agencies and larger companies are beginning to set procurement rules where green cleaning products are the new standard.

While we live in a world that is rife with foul odors, fortunately, there are solutions that can help support a sound odor management strategy in highly effective and safe ways.

I would like to thank Amanda for taking the time to speak with us. To learn more about Fresh Wave IAQ, click here. Should you have any questions for Amanda or myself feel free to leave them below!

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1 Ron March 14, 2014 at 6:35 pm

Hi Tom, I will be meeting with this building that wants to give me the cleaning account. What I want to know is that is it Ok to ask them what did they pay there last cleaning service or should I just leave that question out?

2 Tom Watson March 14, 2014 at 11:00 pm

Hi Ron! I ask… I just say “what are you currently paying?”. Just slip it in casually. Sometimes they will tell you, sometimes they won’t (but I always ask as it’s a nice clue to have).

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