One Door Closes, Another Opens

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by Suzanna Watson on April 16, 2011

First things first. I had a fear of starting my own business. There, I said it.

Like many of you, I never thought I would start my own business.

I was comfortable in my 8-5 job. After all, I had been there for 23 years. I was in my comfort zone and I made many good friends during those years.

Tom was another story altogether. He wanted to start a business of his own, and he was determined to do so. Me…well I wanted to do everything the safe way. After all that was what I was taught.

I was always told to do the following. Go to school, get good grades, get a good job, move up the ladder and save your money. I did all that, and was making pretty good money to boot.

That was until I walked into work on a Friday morning and was told I was laid off. There went my safety net as well as my good salary. All those years down the drain in one day.

I did get a severance package, and unemployment which helped to get over the shock of losing my great job. It was tough though, as I really enjoyed the work and having to leave all my friends and co-workers left me sad.

I was just the first in a long line of layoffs that hit the country back then. Now history has repeated itself once again. I know that many of you have experienced the exact same scenario I did. 

I know how much it scares you to think of what you have lost. No health insurance, no steady pay check, no 401k savings plan. All you can do is put your hardhat on and get back in the game somehow.

If you are planning on starting your own business this time around, rest assured that you won’t be alone in the process. Many have gone before and succeeded, and you can too.

You can have all the perks that you had before PLUS the freedom that goes with having your own business. For Tom and I things worked out great.

We jumped right into the cleaning business full time (before that we were doing it part time), and we have never looked back. It has given us both freedom and financial security.

We really never missed a beat because of leaving our 8-5 jobs. We still keep in touch with all the friends we made along the way. We have health insurance through a group plan, I rolled my 401K into another plan and add to it each year just like before.

As far as the steady pay check, what is better than going to your mail box and finding checks from your customers each and every  month. No more commute to work each morning either, just our own schedule that we make ourselves. We really love it.

If you follow our “Commercial Cleaning for Beginners” to the tee, you can have the same success we have enjoyed. As I always say, the cleaning business is a very easy business to get started.

As most of you folks already know, if you ever have any questions about starting your own cleaning business, just touch base with us. We are glad to help you through the process.

You can always reach out to us by adding your comments to a post, using the contact form or just by calling us at 609-859-2001. We”ll give you the honest answers you are seeking when getting started.

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1 Brent April 17, 2011 at 11:50 am

This post really hit home with me. My wife and I have opened our cleaning business and we have had a really hard time getting customers because we both work a lot of hours and really have no time to market. We have recently made the decision that I will leave my full time, very lucrative, job to take a part time job so I can concentrate on marketing our business. It is both scary and exciting.

2 Tom Watson April 17, 2011 at 3:51 pm

Hi Brent,

I agree it can be scary at first. But you will get used to it over time, as this new life will become your “new normal”. The best part is the excitement you mention. I never had a job that excited me as much as my business.

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