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by Suzanna Watson on March 15, 2011

Every customer you will ever have will want to be treated like they are your only customer.

Remember this every time you cash your pay check. Even though it is your own business, your customers are making that pay check possible. In other words…

your lifestyle depends on it.

This includes your nice house, nice cloths, nice car, great vacations etc. Customers have a desire to “feel special”, and when you make them feel special you will have them forever. 

They will also spend more money with you too. This will result in more floor care, carpet cleaning, window cleaning or whatever other services you provide. Price becomes no object as long as you WOW them.

Behind every customer there are hundreds more like them and when you WOW the ones you have they will spread the word for you. It’s called FREE ADVERTISING. You won’t have to put out a dime, your very happy and satisfied customers will do it for you.

When you go on vacation, you want to feel special and pampered to a degree, and for that you are willing to pay the price. This concept also applies to your customers, so make sure you put out the effort to pamper them when they hire you.

The more you pamper others, the more you can afford to pamper yourself with all the great things life has to offer.

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