Do you worry you don’t have what it takes?

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by Tom Watson on September 3, 2010

Many people worry whether or not they can succeed as a businessperson.

To that I say, stop worrying. You have more going for you than you think.

Believe it or not you are already a businessperson. Every single person who grows into adulthood is a business person on some level.

You become “YOU INC”.

What you do for a living is your “business”. Your checkbook is your “business bank account”. How you treat others is your “customer service department”.

And it doesn’t end there.

Your friends are people who were brought in by your “human resources department”. The standards by which you live your life is your “quality control department”.

The entire act of living your personal life is a precurser to starting your own business. The better control you have over each “department” the smoother the transition will go.

Does this mean you need absolute control and perfection across all facets of “You INC”? No, not in the least. I have never met a human being that has mastered all the elements of life. I’m sure I won’t ever meet one either.

To summarize, stop worrying about whether or not you can do this. Stop worrying about the fact you are not the “perfect” candidate. You have much more going for you than you think!

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