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by Suzanna Watson on July 31, 2010

Looking back (10 years) when we started our cleaning business, we wanted only the best.

This included computer, monitor, phones, vehicles, equipment among other items. What we found out was, WE DID NOT NEED THE BEST, nor could we afford “THE BEST”.

Se we decided to become frugal.

Being frugal does not mean cheap, it means not throwing your money away. It means purchasing only what you honestly need, not everything you think you need or want. Wants and needs are very different.

If you already have a computer then use it. If you have an extra phone in the house use it for the business line. If you have a good reliable vehicle use that also. Look around your house too. You may have most of what you need right there. Remember the definition of frugal is avoiding waste.

When we started out we went to the local dollar store to purchase a few items. This included some buckets, brooms and cleaning solutions. Then we went over to K Mart to purchase the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum lasted about two years and we only paid about $50.00 for it.

You don’t always need “the best” to make a good impression. You make a good impression by doing good work, being honest, reliable and looking neat and clean.

Another way to save money is to always shop around for the best price on your janitorial needs. Call local janitorial supply houses and go on line. Be sure to compare apples to apples though, for example: when asking for pricing on trash liners make sure the prices you get are for the same Mil thickness because they do vary greatly.

When starting out a good book to read is The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin. It is only about 30 pages and gives a bit of advice on frugality, laziness and trust. It is written in old English but it really drives home the point, don’t be foolish with your money or your time.

I have included one of my favorite qoutes from the book below.

“Always taking out of the pot and never putting in one soon comes to the bottom”

He sure had the ability to cut to the heart of an issue didnt he? You get to put more in “the pot” by avoiding waste. Taking this concept to heart will help you have success in any endoevour you choose.

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