5 Tips On Overcoming Objections

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by Tom Watson on July 3, 2010

You are making your pitch to a potential client, all seems swell then BOOM. They have an objection to doing business with you. How do you reply?

Most folks have no clue.

When you are new and lack experience, overcoming the hurdles the customer throws at you during the sales process can be tough. You haven’t learned how to counter the objection they have because you are new at this. Don’t get too worried, I can share with you how to best tackle the most common objections.

But…before I reveal the 5 Tips, you should know one thing first.

The most effective way to counter objections is to never give the potential client the chance to raise them. This would be achieved by addressing all their concerns during your proposal. This would require you to know what concerns them.

If you did your homework during the initial meeting, you would have asked some probing questions trying to determine what problems they were experiencing with the current cleaning company. This would help clue you in as to how to present your proposal. Thereby eliminating many objections before they are raised.

But life is not always so simple.

All clients are unique, all people are unique and there are some objections that fall outside of of what can be addressed in a proposal. That is where the 5 tips should help you out. These cover the basic objections.

  1. A lack of trust. They have never heard of you or your company. You have no common friends or acquaintances. You are basically a complete mystery to them. Solution – Work hard at making them comfortable with who you are. Convey as much as possible that you are a solid citizen who values your reputation, and your companies image.
  2. They don’t understand why your company would be different. They think all cleaning companies are the same. Solution – Tell them you work harder than all the others companies to be the best.
  3. They say your company is too small (or big) to service their account. Sometimes people have preconceived notions of what they need. Many times these ideas they possess have no basis in fact. Solution – Explain to them the size of your company has no effect on performance. The systems you have in place will fill the needs of any size account.
  4. You hire the same people as everyone else. Many people think this is the case. Solution – Explain to them you have a interview process that weeds out the bad apples and finds the best applicants to hire. You also pay the highest wages to keep your staff happy and productive.
  5. No awareness that you run a problem solving company. They may suggest you will be like the “other” companies that only “react” after problems arise. Solution – Explain to them you have solutions to prevent problems from constantly cropping up. The main one being repeatably inspecting the premises to ensure a quality job.

When you are new in the cleaning business, proving you are up to the job can be the toughest part. Once you get this part down the pieces will fall into place for you. Each customer you make happy is another experience you can draw upon when facing the next “objection”.

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