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by Tom Watson on June 29, 2010

No one thing determines how well your cleaning company runs as much as your people. It’s no real surprise really, it’s just so easy to forget.

Many times (in your haste) you settle for the first normal looking, normal acting, normal talking person that walks in the door. I’ve been guilty of this many times, especially early in my career. What was the result of this behavior?

I got burned over and over again.

Nothing but employee headaches and problems that drove me crazy. It happened so often that I kind of got used to it! It became the “normal” way of doing things. Just quickly fill an open position (find a pulse, point to the  job) and hope they showed up. If they did show up, then I hoped for a good job too. I sure did a lot of “hoping” back then.

It took some time to realize that what I was doing was wrong (longer than it should have for sure). Then once I knew what needed to be fixed, I needed to allocate the time to actually fix it. This wasted even more time as I added procrastination to the mix. Eventually it was corrected, and my fortunes changed for the better.

What can you learn from my bout with insanity?

Skip the hire anyone “normal looking” model and never settle for anything less than a high quality person (for tips on how to accomplish this click here). How will this benefit you? Well…let me talk about what low quality people do first (then you be the judge).

Low quality people call out twice per week. Low quality people do a poor job, they quit without notice and they enjoy a tension filled work environment. Not to mention they tend to be dishonest, unhappy and your customers will not care for them. Now what about high quality people?

They are the exact opposite.

They do good work, show up like clock work, give notice when needing time off (or terminating employment), are honest, happy and best of all your customers will love them. It may cost you more to hire quality people on the front end. But you reap the rewards many times over in how well your business will run. When you get the employee part right your business will run like it’s on auto pilot.

Couple high quality people with good systems (ones that make it easier to do it right than wrong) and you will have a dynamic business that is not only profitable but also very sell-able down the road.

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1 Raymon Samuel March 31, 2015 at 8:38 am

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

2 Tom Watson March 31, 2015 at 8:39 am

Happy to help!

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