5 Step Plan For Managing Your Staff

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by Tom Watson on June 24, 2010

While some of you will keep your cleaning business small, and do the work yourself, many will hire staff.

To have success with a staff, you and your employees need to be on the same page. Which in turn will make your business run smoothly.

Like it’s on auto pilot.

Now to ensure everyone is on the same page you need to have a set of principles to follow. Systems that work together to give the greatest chance of success. The following 5 steps will help you do just that.

  1. Make it easier for your staff to do it right than to do it wrong. An example would be to have a checklist that covers all tasks the staff member needs to complete on a given assignment. This would vastly reduce the number of customer complaints for all the little things that get missed.
  2. Keep only the highest quality people. Your customers notice (and don’t care for) shady individuals in their work environment.
  3. Be clear to your staff on what your expectations are. Be completely honest and up front to avoid any problems down the road.
  4. Communicate regularly to your staff on how they are performing. You need to take the time to talk to your staff about their performance. Get their feedback and constantly improve the process.
  5. When you run into an employee that doesn’t want to “play ball”, replace them. Bad seeds that want to do everything their way do more harm than good and are not worth keeping. Move on and upgrade your talent as soon as possible.

Following these steps should help you run a tighter ship that is customer focused. The last thing you want is your cleaning company getting a bad reputation for low quality staff and poor work performance. The better the staff the easier it is to run your cleaning company.

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