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Whats going on here at Cleaning 4 Profit?

Welcome to our “News” page. This is where we’ll keep you up to date on what we’re up to here at Cleaning 4 Profit. While we always know what’s going on, we thought it would be nice to keep you informed as well.

The updates listed here may include minor announcements such as product revisions, press releases, policy updates or more meaningful ones such as new products, special promotions or contests.

In either case, it may be a good idea to check back every once in a while to make sure you know “what’s happening”. After all, it’s no fun being “out of the loop” now is it? Now that we got all that out of the way…here is the latest news.

06-04-2016 – Our Facebook page has just reached 25,000 likes, and we would like to THANK EVERYONE who has made that possible. If you haven’t checked it out yet, head on over to our Facebook page now to say hi!

11-06-2015 – Custom Flyers and Sales Letters are now available for purchase. I’ve been creating my own highly successful marketing material for years, and now I can do the same for your company. When you need to make the phone ring, check out my design services by clicking here.

11-01-2015 – Custom website design on your own domain is now available. We’ve been offering low cost websites for some time now, but we’ve expanded that to include creating sites on your own domain and hosting account. For details, visit our sister site by clicking here.

10-21-2015 – Consulting Services now available. This service allows those that would like to be able to have an expert in the business help guide them through the process of running a successful cleaning business. This service is limited to only ten people at one time. Once the spots fill up, enrollment closes until at least half of the class reaches their consulting time limit. For more details click here.

07-29-2014 – New Product ALERT! We are pleased to announce that our latest product is now available for purchase. My Cleaning Flyers Value Pack is a collection of over 100 flyers that you can use to promote your company. Each one comes in two different formats making it easy to customize the flyer to suit your needs. Stop creating flyers from scratch and start using flyers that actually work!

05-26-2014 – New Product ALERT! Learn how to add the very profitable VCT Strip & Wax service to your company. My VCT Strip & Wax Training Course walks you through one job start to finish. In fact it was a job we were just hired to perform. It’s 55 pages of insider knowledge PLUS nearly 30 minutes of bonus video instruction.

10-10-2013 – Our 100th podcast lesson was released today. It’s been really enjoyable broadcasting these totally free “mini lessons” on the cleaning business over the last 3 1/2 years and I hope to continue for many years to come.

05-15-2013 –  Milestone alert for our Cleaning 4 Profit Podcast. One special number after another seems to get passed as our episodes continue to gain traction within the cleaning industry. Get the details on how we now average 1,000 listeners per episode.

01-06-2013 – Milestone ALERT! Our Cleaning 4 Profit Podcast has reached a very special number of views since it’s inception on April 6, 2010. You can get the details on how well our podcast has performed here.

12-11-2012 – The ShoeMoney Blog reached out to me and asked me to do a guest post on their site. Needless to say, I said YES! Though that site has nothing to do with the cleaning business, it has a HUGE following in the internet marketing circle. Besides, it’s an honor just to be asked. You can read my guest post here.

12-07-2012 – I was honored to be named “Contributor of Week” over at BizsSugar ( I’ve been a fan of that site for some time, as they have great articles by some very talented people. To see the article they kindly wrote about me click here.

10-01-2012New product ALERT! We just released our Pro Marketing CD which is available as an upgrade on both Commercial Cleaning For Beginners AND House Cleaning For Beginners print versions. Basically we took our printed courses and made them even better as we added over 3 hours of video webinars and 5 bonus marketing E-books to the Pro Marketing CD. So make sure you check out our Cleaning Business Guides to learn more.

8-25-2012 – Milestone Alert! I’m very proud to announce that Cleaning 4 Profit’s Facebook Page has over 1,000 fans now. I can’t thank all of you enough for making that happen. If you haven’t yet, join me on Facebook to get good conversation, sneak peeks at new content and exclusive offers just for the Facebook crowd.

10-30-2011 – Milestone Alert! The moment we published today’s post on “Building a house cleaning flyer that gets results“, it made an even 200 posts on starting and running a profitable cleaning business. We’ve come a long way!

10-29-2011 – After months of behind the scenes editing, House Cleaning For Beginners was unveiled as our latest guide to starting a cleaning business. It’s your soup to nuts companion to getting started faster than you ever thought possible. For information on the E-Book click here → House Cleaning For Beginners E-Book. For information on the professionally printed version click here → House Cleaning For Beginners Printed Version w/ bonus CD.

10-7-2011 – Milestone Alert! Our Podcast has reached a very special number (for us anyway!) Details here.

9-10-2011 – Cleaning 4 Profit now offers visitors, particularly mobile ones the ability to TEXT-TO-JOIN our mailing list. If that’s you, check out TEXT-TO-JOIN Cleaning 4 Profit.

08-24-2011 – Cleaning 4 Profit updates it’s payment processing ability through the implementation of a PayPal Pro merchant account. In English this simply means that instead of only offering one way to pay (PayPal only), customers can also use their credit cards directly on our site to securely order via our 256 bit encrypted order form. This is a major upgrade that further utilizes the safest platform in the world (PayPal) to process your orders.

04-19-2011 – Cleaning 4 Profit launches it’s website building services to the public. The first five website designs allows future or current cleaning business owners the ability to have a first class website at an affordable price. The details on this service can be found by clicking here.

03-20-2011 – Cleaning 4 Profit launches its second product, the printed version of our popular Commercial Cleaning For Beginners course. A bonus CD with all the forms, sales letters and flyers is included with each purchase.

03-05-2011– Cleaning 4 Profit joins Facebook. You can check out our page right here.

03-02-2011– New website launched in association with Vistaprint. Allows Cleaning 4 Profit customers and visitors to save 5% off all Vistaprint items. Details can be found here.

02-25-2011 – Commercial Cleaning For Beginners was upgraded from Version 4.5 to Version 5.0. This update added over 50 new pages of content to the course.