How to minimize slip and fall claims in the cleaning business

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by Tom Watson on May 7, 2017

It was years ago, but I can still hear my insurance agent tell me “always do your best to minimize risk”.

The context of the conversation was twofold: Have the proper insurance AND do things the right way. I always took that advice to heart and tried to be smart about everything.

One of the main liability related issues you have with owning a cleaning business is wetting the floor when you mop them. There is really no way around it, as you need to do that to get the floor clean. The goal is to not use too much water AND make proper use of wet floor signs.

If you are not using wet floor signs while running your cleaning business you are really rolling the dice because all it takes is one issue to crop up and your you could be in big legal trouble. I used them EVEN IF THE BUILDING WAS CLOSED.

I did that because you NEVER KNOW when someone will stop back into the office for one reason or another. Who know, maybe they forget something like their purse, or perhaps they just have some work to catch back up on. They could enter the building and you would never know it!

All they would have to do is walk on that foyer floor or maybe the bathroom tile and take a tumble and get really hurt. You hear about that stuff on the news all the time. So needless to say it’s good practice to use them AT ALL TIMES. Wet floor signs don’t cost that much, but they will save you a ton of grief!

They come in different varieties. A standard wet floor sign is what I used most of the time. They are easy to store and lay flat when not in use. Then you have the pop up cone style wet floor sign. These can cost a few bucks more but they take up even less room.

Then there is the four-sided wet floor sign cone. These are handy for hallway intersections where you need to warn people from all directions that the floor is wet. Finally you have the spring-loaded “bathroom closed” signs. These are awesome because they are better at stopping someone from entering a bathroom (perfect for cleaning the bathroom of the other sex).

I’ll wrap this up by just making mention once again the importance of playing it smart while you go about your cleaning duties. Putting the warning signs up only take a moment and it can prevent an injury to someone AND save you a ton of trouble as well.

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