Selling “Air Freshener Dispensers” to your cleaning accounts

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by Tom Watson on October 2, 2016

Cleaning is great, and you can certainly make good money doing it, but by thinking creatively you can add some other “profit centers” to your business.

Carpet cleaning and window cleaning certainly come to mind as obvious services to consider adding to your business. Selling various paper goods like C-folds and toilet tissue all fit this business model too.

They can all add profit to your bottom line as they give you the chance to sell the customer other products and services that can take a small account and turn it into a really profitable one.

If they trust you to perform one service, odds are they trust you to provide others! So the goal for you is to think about all the different things your customer may need and be the guy (or gal) that provides it.

Foe instance I know of one cleaning company that offers lawn care to their customers. Seems like an odd match on the surface, but this persons goal is to be a ONE STOP SHOP for their customers.

They already expanded into carpet cleaning, window cleaning and for them the next frontier was managing the EXTERIOR too. This guy is very ambitious and is certainly thinking B-I-G. And so far it’s working out well for him.

So that brings me to today’s topic of selling air freshener dispensers. I’m not suggesting you buy a hundred cases and then try to market them. Instead I’m just suggesting you think of how EASY it is to sell them. If your customer needs 10, then get them over on Amazon.

Last week I talked about how important it is to educate yourself on solving problems like a stinky bathroom. I came in and SOLVED a problem for a customer. What I didn’t mention was how I made even more money by selling them dispensers too.

Once the odor problem was eliminated at that facility, it was easy as pie for me to mention that air fresheners in all the bathrooms would be a good idea. My pitch was “even if the drains get missed somehow and start to smell, the automatic air freshener dispensers would help cover the smell”.

The issue with the facility manager was he was PARANOID that the drains may get missed while he was away on vacation (I knew this because he talked about it all the time). If they got missed they would smell, and if they smelled HIS BOSS WOULD FREAK OUT.

He didn’t want to run the risk of that, so when I mentioned the air freshener dispensers he jumped at the chance to have me purchase them and have my guy install them all. It worked out really well for many years that way.

It’s not hard to offer that service and yet it gives you the chance to make extra money off that particular account. Here are some air freshener dispensers to check out. They aren’t all that much money and they solve a common problem, so it’s worth looking into. You might just make a few extra bucks!

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