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by Tom Watson on June 22, 2014

While you can make tons of money just maintaining your run of the mill monthly cleaning contracts, some extra money can be made in construction clean-up.

These jobs tend to come and go, so they don’t make dependable income to rely on, but the money you can earn when you get one can be great bonus money.

If you get a few clean-ups per year, you’ll have enough cash left at the end of the year to take a few killer vacations. The weeks you work the jobs may be hectic, but when you are sitting on a beach in Aruba you won’t be thinking about that!

So with all that said, today I wanted to give you a construction clean-up flyer that you can use to get the ball rolling for your company. I left it kind of generic, this way you can modify it as you see fit.

Tom Watson’s Construction Clean-Up Flyer

Free construction clean-up sales flyer

As you can see, the flyer goes straight to the point. No small talk, we’re just cutting to the chase! This is who we are and this is what we do. Short and sweet works best in my opinion. Anyway… I’ve used flyers like the one above with great success over the years. Pick the one you want below and use it “as is” or modify to suit your needs.

Construction Clean-Up Flyer OpenOffice Version

Click Here For Download Page (LOOK FOR FILE #13B)

Construction Clean-Up Flyer PDF Version

Click Here For Download Page (LOOK FOR FILE #13A)


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1 Lamar Saunders June 22, 2014 at 5:43 pm

So, I LOVE This flyer. It will definitely bring in more work, my question is, HOW do I bid!?

Example of me NOT knowing, I quoted a 3600sq home, final touches clean at $180 and I was laughed at!

I need your help!!!

2 Tom Watson June 22, 2014 at 6:55 pm

Hi Lamar! Thanks… and to your question, that will have to be another post down the road. Pricing for construction clean up is generally much higher than most think. It’s not a regular clean. LOTS of dust, sometimes stickers to remove off new appliances / windows etc…

Sometimes you have to do windows (more of a light cleaning). Plus many times the cleaning is a two step process. The first one gets the heavy debris and you lay the groundwork for the next cleaning, which is a DETAIL cleaning that makes it pristine.

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