Who is your company spokesman?

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by Tom Watson on May 23, 2011

I bet you just uttered…”But I just own a cleaning business, I don’t have a company spokesman”.

If you did, you would be wrong. Your company spokesman is your employees, each one of them.

I know this doesn’t fit the traditional role of spokesman. After all they don’t go to a podium and discuss the policy of your cleaning company. What they do is far more important though.

They demonstrate your polices everyday. With their actions!

I bet you never looked at it that way before did you? For some of you it may even be a reality check in a sense. When I first started looking at my staff from this perspective it sent shivers down my spine.

The fact is you will be judged by the actions of your staff, so you want to invest as much as possible in them so they do you justice. That just makes sense doesn’t it? I think so.

When your employees are on the job they represent you. This is because as far as the customer is concerned, you and your staff are one. They don’t see any distinctions, and to be honest they don’t care.

Think of when the President of the United States has his spokesman stand up and talk about the actions of his boss for a moment. After the meeting the reporters in attendance relay these words to the general public.

Now when the public hears what was said, they don’t hold the spokesman accountable do they? NO…they hold the President accountable, and by definition responsible. This is becasue the spokesman speaks for his boss.

Your employees do the exact same thing.

All the customer knows is they hired YOU. That means the buck stops with you. So whoever you bring into their facility better get the job done, case closed. So this brings us right back to making sure you take the time to groom each hire properly.

Train each employee as best you can in each aspect of the job. This means you need to make sure they are ready to clean. Then teach them how to interact with the customer if they run into them.  

Finish by getting them to be respectful of both the facility they clean and the staff who works there. After all they will not be just cleaning for you, they will be assuming the role of Company Spokesman.

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