Increase Sales By Choosing The Right Words

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by Tom Watson on September 24, 2010

Most everyone has formed a habit of the way they talk, but they have never really noticed how their words and phrases sound to the people around them.

The words you use when you communicate with your cleaning prospects are important. They can greatly influence the outcome of your sales call (or as we like to say “lead conversion“). 

Sometimes you can actually stress out your customer enough that you cause them to not follow through with a sale. This is because some words and phrases can come across rather “harsh”, while others sound easier on the ears (some would say “less scary”).

Another way you can turn off your prospects is by sounding too complicated (in others words, just keep it simple, no big words to show how smart you are). As the saying goes “people don’t really care how smart you are, they only care if you can help them make a smarter decision about what they want to purchase”.

With all this said, I have put together a list of words and phrases that should help you out. Some of these phrases may sound familiar to you. I have re-phrased them to either sound a little more simple, more positive or less harsh to the ear of the potential cleaning client.

You’ll want to get in the habit of using these words and phrases as you communicate with your cleaning prospects. You will be much more effective, and probably get an increase in your sales as a result of the changes you have made. With that said, here we go.

  • Instead of contract say agreement
  • Instead of worthless say less value
  • Instead of let me tell you say based on my experiences
  • Instead of cheaper say less expensive
  • Instead of less dangerous say safer
  • Instead of the latest thing say breakthrough idea
  • Instead of have lots of say have dozens of or hundreds of
  • Instead of fix say fine tune
  • Instead of I think say I’m a firm believer in
  • Instead of knows all about it say had first hand experience
  • Instead of best say first class
  • Instead of painless say pain-free
  • Instead of listen to me say take my advice
  • Instead of original say first of its kind
  • Instead of make some time say free up my schedule
  • Instead of what we sell say what we offer
  • Instead of down payment say initial investment
  • Instead of rug mats say carpet mats
  • Instead of not difficult say it’s easy
  • Instead of won’t work right say function less
  • Instead of fully covered say fully insured
  • Instead of I’m sorry say I apologize
  • Instead of can I get your signature say can I get your o.k.
  • You should be able to now see what a difference your words and phrases make when speaking with potential clients. Start making changes today, pay attention to how you say things and write them down if need be. Remember it’s not what you say that counts as much as how the message is being received by the potential customer.

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