What I learned from my dog

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by Tom Watson on July 17, 2010

Take a peek at that face. Quite a cute critter I must say. Cody has the ability to seem shy and somewhat submissive at times (when he wants something). But he is much more than a one dimensional canine.

He can quickly turn into a raging lunatic when someone comes near the house. Now the lunatic part I’m not qualified to talk about (some may argue that point). But there is one part of his makeup I find compelling, and worth discussing.

His determination.

What I find fascinating is the dogged (excuse the pun) determination he possesses. This manifest itself primarily when I take him for a walk. Inevitably he stumbles across some mole territory. This starts a ferocious digging routine that has to be seen to be believed.

He begins the digging process the usual way, with his paws. But then he quickly runs into some roots below the surface. What does he do? He rips them out with his teeth! Then digs some more. Sometimes he creates a giant pile of loose dirt from all the digging, which he simply takes a mouthful of and deposits topside.

This goes on till I stop him!

Cody is “all in” at this point, giving 100% towards this effort. In fact, sometimes he gets downright indignant toward my attempt to stop him. He gets so worked up he becomes tough to handle. He must know just how close he is to reaching his goal (that prized mole) that he refuses to quit. This used to really get me ticked off until I came to appreciate the effort he was putting out. Then it got me thinking.

What if I put that kind of effort out consistently.

What rewards could be mine if I put that kind of effort out ALL the time. Don’t get me wrong…I work long and hard on projects for weeks (even months) at a time with no direct knowledge it will work as designed. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll make any money despite all the work.

But there is always a part of me that knows I take the occasional short cut. Sometimes this could mean only giving 95% of myself instead of the usual 100%. It is easy to coast and I suppose it’s human nature in some ways. But every time I look at Cody digging in the yard I self-correct. I realize that only 100% will do.

What does this mean for you?

Cody has no choice over completing his mission to get the mole, he must stop when I tell him to. But you have a choice, two choices really. The first choice is whether or not to give 100%. That is an easy one, give it your all.

The second choice is one that Cody doesn’t enjoy. Not letting someone else stop you.

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