Three Pillars Of Customer Service

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by Tom Watson on July 5, 2010

When most people start a cleaning business they learn one thing real fast. Customer service will make you or break you. To summarize how important this is…everyday needs to be

“Customer Appreciation Day”.

The companies who fail to grasp how important customer service is generally don’t last too long. So needless to say, you need to focus on it.

Having a handle on what makes good customer service is the first step to excelling at it. So without further ado…lets get started. The three main pillars of customer service are reliability, responsiveness and relationships.

Reliability is first up. You can not run hot and cold on this part of the equation. The customer will notice right away if you do. You fulfill this part by ensuring a efficient, consistent and quality service is being delivered by your company. All three elements need to work in harmony.

Responsiveness is next. Always tend to your customer inquiries promptly. You never want to procrastinate on getting back to a client. This may be because you want to avoid them (for whatever reason), or maybe you are really busy. It does not matter! Not being responsive means you don’t care about them in their eyes. Stay on top of the responsive part and you will be fine, avoid it at your own peril.

Relationships seal the deal. You need to work hard at having positive and rewarding relationships with all your clients. You achieve this by being honest and straight forward at all times. People value these traits and your company will benefit greatly by incorporating them into how you run your company.

When you start your own cleaning business and you provide great customer service, the sky is the limit.

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