What Ten Years In Business Has Taught Me (Vol 1)

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by Tom Watson on June 3, 2010

Not All Customers Are Created Equal.

You are going to meet a lot of people over the course of your business career. You will make a lot of friends and much joy will be brought into your life because of it.

You will also meet some people who wake up unhappy, spend all day unhappy, then they go home and yell at their dog. Their sole mission in life is to ruin someones day.

Both will become your customer.

Accept that fact right now. It is unavoidable and inevitable. The bright side to all of this is that the nice people make up the lions share of the people who will become your customer.

As someone who falls into the generally happy type of person (For the record: I don’t count the first hour I’m awake) I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, just like most people do.

Most of your customers are just like you. They want something done right and they like being able to trust someone. The better you hold up your end of the deal the better the relationship is.

These folks are a delight to have as a customer. So your part is simple, do as you said you would. When you do this the world keeps spinning, the birds keep chirping and life is good.

Now on to the those “other” customers. These people make you question the humanity of mankind. How could they possibly go through every single day like that? Life must be a real chore for them.

You can recognize these types of people quickly. They will hold you to unreasonable standards in every possible situation. They could not achieve the level of perfection that they require if they did it themselves. They suck the lifeblood out of your system like a vampire does to it’s victim (wow…sounds like I’m going off the deep end there didn’t it?).

To summarize this post (rant) I thought it was important to mention that not all customers are created equal and knowing this in advance should help you. Most are wonderful and you will a better person by knowing them (and learning from them).

But some customers aren’t so nice. The funny thing is that you will still be better off by knowing them. You learn a lot about yourself in the process of dealing with difficult people. Maybe that is their purpose after all…making you the better person.

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