July 2012

What do you “get” from networking?

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by Tom Watson on July 22, 2012

The headline above is a question that just came in here via email. I thought the answer would make for an interesting post. Why is that you ask! Because the person was asking the “wrong” question! Networking is not about getting something from someone. It’s about giving of yourself without any expectations of a return favor. […]


The headline you see above….I get asked that question quite often. It is always asked by someone VERY new to the cleaning business. I can see how folks are worried about it. I mean when you are new it seems like a valid question (and it is). But the answer to that question is very, […]


If you have been in business for any length of time, you probably know EXACTLY what the mirror test is. Simply stated, it’s a time-tested method for hiring people to fill open positions in a company. It’s safe to say, this technique is used by countless small business owners from around the world. Sadly, this well used “technique” […]


Ah…what a teaser that headline is huh? You just had to click on it to see where I’m headed. That’s because I know a thing or two about human nature. This fact will help you out big time as you read this post. Why you ask? Well I got you to see what this article is […]