Stand out from the competition (and close the deal)

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by Tom Watson on February 2, 2011

Today we’re going to speak to how to put some “space” between you and your competitors.

Differentiating yourself is not nearly as difficult as you may think, and it can be accomplished virtually instantly.

It starts off with simply being prepared to do business when you first meet the potential customer. Are you well dressed and groomed? Do you have your business card ready to hand out the moment after you shake hands? These first impressions are just so importartant. The details matter!

Next up is never forgetting that this entire process is “all about them”. This means listening to what the customer is telling you is extremely important. All types of clues are being delivered straight from their month to your ear.

They are telling you what they need accomplished for you to get the job. By asking good follow up questions, you plant the seed that you’re “listening” to their concerns. Customers like it when you’re listening! It clues them in that you may be the one who can solve their problem. If they think you can solve their problem, your halfway to getting hired.

Notice I only said halfway to getting hired?

The other “half” deals with how you “connect” with the potential customer. Are you engaging? Are you friendly yet professional? Are you enthusiastic, full of energy and upbeat throughout the entire meeting? In other words, is your personality showing through?

Your personality needs to find a way to “connect” with their personality. If you can find a common thread that bonds the two you in one way or another the better off you will be. Maybe it’s kids, or the neighborhood you live in or any number of things you might have in common.

Look for these “common bonds” and try to incorporate them into the conversation somehow when meeting them. You may not always have the chance to do this, but most times you can, and you should whenever the chance presents itself.

You must be wondering; why is all this important?

Ready for the answer? Once the customer thinks you may be able to solve their problem, they need to know one more thing. Are you compatible? They need to be sure that the two of you can “get along” as partners in this process. So this means that when you find ways to connect with them, it makes them feel “comfortable” with you as their choice. It’s a pretty simple concept!

The vast majority of your competition doesn’t know anything about what we just discussed. They just blindly go from bid to bid hoping they get hired, without ever knowing the details of  “how to get hired”. You now know how the process works, and should benefit greatly going forward.

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1 Cleaning Companies DC February 3, 2011 at 6:05 pm

My take on how your cleaning companies will stands out of competition, first will be providing great customer service and next is Of course providing quality cleaning service for your customer satisfaction. Last will be making an ad or promo that will make you customer get interested to hire your service

2 Tom Watson February 3, 2011 at 8:17 pm

You can’t go wrong with that approach either!

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