Commercial Cleaning For Beginners w/bonus CD plus Pro Marketing CD

Looking for the ultimate course on getting started in your own commercial cleaning business? If so, then look no further! This selection comes with my professionally printed Commercial Cleaning For Beginners with bonus CD PLUS my recently completed Pro Marketing CD.

“What’s the big deal” you ask? Well…in essense we took our highly popular course and made it even better. The Pro Marketing CD has over 3 hours of video webinars spread out over 12 different lessons. These lessons drive home the course material, fast-tracking your ability to get started quickly.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve included 5 bonus E-books that will have you marketing like a pro in no time flat. These mini courses range from 24 to 47 pages each and add 157 more pages to my already info-loaded package.

The printed edition comes standard with the bonus CD which has all the forms, flyers and sales letters found in the course! All of which are sitting in the CD waiting for you to edit them quickly and easily. To make this deal even sweeter, you get extra bonus material not found in either the digital or printed edition.

Why is this important? For starters it means all you need to do is open any file found on the disk and PLACE YOUR NAME at the top. Presto, you are in business! It doesn’t get any easier than that. This means no wasted time trying to create your own sales letters, flyers and forms from scratch. All the hard work is done for you!

My printed edition Commercial Cleaning For Beginners with bonus CD + the Pro Marketing CD gives you all the tools you need to start your own commercial cleaning operation. I’ll share with you what works and what doesn’t in the most simple to use program you’ll ever stumble upon.

In a nutshell, I’ve been EXACTLY where you are right now, so I’m perfectly suited to be your guide. Needless to say, you’ll get the added security of knowing your purchase is covered by our Full One Year Guarantee. This means you can get started risk free. You have nothing to lose by acting now.

Order today and take the first step towards your dream of financial security.

Commercial Cleaning For Beginners Printed Edition w/bonus CD PLUS the Pro Marketing CD (3+ hours video webinars + 5 marketing E-books)

Price: $299.00

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Commercial Cleaning For Beginners is geared exclusively to the commercial cleaning market. This guide can be used to start a part-time or full-time business, the choice is yours. Whether you plan on performing the work yourself or hiring others this guide has you covered. It includes over 200 pages of instruction and insight that only years in the business can provide.

Chapter 1 – The Business Mind Set

  • Learn about the mental tools, habits and traits you will need to possess to guarantee success. This will help lay the foundation of your company and ensure it’s built on solid ground.
    • This chapter covers:
      • The importance of eliminating doubt.
      • How to harness discipline, focus and determination to your advantage.
      • Why you need to keep costs low during start-up.
      • Becoming a good listener.
      • Positioning yourself as a “valued source”.
      • Why you need to “follow through” on what you promise.
      • Managing your time effectively.
      • Setting financial goals that are achievable.

Chapter 2 – Get Ready For Business

  • This section covers the administrative tasks you need to accomplish (a checklist is included).
    • This chapter covers:
      • Tips on how to name your business.
      • Creating your unique selling point.
      • Building your team of advisers. Learn how to choose an accountant, insurance agent and lawyer.
      • Tackling all the small details that need to be accomplished (business banking etc…)

Chapter 3 – Your Marketing Materials

  • Discusses what marketing materials you need to get started. This chapter includes some of the actual sales letters and flyers I have used to build my business. Simply copy these pieces word for word and you will be off and running!
    • This chapter covers:
      • Creating a business card that gets results.
      • Creating letterhead that adds to your professionalism.
      • Tips on how to create a winning sales letter.
      • Some special touches that will separate you from the pack
      • Four different flyers are included. Copy them and use for yourself.
      • Five sales letters are included for your use (including the one I built my business on!).

Chapter 4 – The Commercial Customer

  • Learn who makes up the commercial market. Discusses what types of customers you should seek out and zero in on for the best results.
    • This chapter covers:
      • Why the commercial cleaning market is a goldmine waiting for you to claim it.
      • How to target segments of the commercial cleaning market.
      • The “secret” customers to target for large profits.

Chapter 5 – How To Get Customers

  • Learn the most effective techniques for getting accounts. Learn what works and what doesn’t.
    • This chapter covers:
      • How to use the direct mail letter.
      • How and where to network for optimal results.
      • A marketing “quick start” plan to follow.
      • Tips on the art of selling.
      • Points to reinforce when meeting with customers.

Chapter 6 – The Phone Rang, Now What?

  • Walks you through the process of what to expect when meeting a customer for the first time.
    • This chapter covers:
      • Learn what information you need to collect and why.
      • Discusses common commercial work schedules.
      • Learn in detail how to estimate the time needed to clean the office.
      • Things to consider when evaluating a customer site.

Chapter 7 – Determining How Much To Charge

  • Walks you though the process of how to come up with a price to charge. A simple yet powerful technique for getting it right all the time.
    • This chapter covers:
      • Learn how to easily determine your labor and materials cost.
      • The simple method to figure your overhead costs.
      • Determine your profit for the job without breaking a sweat.

Chapter 8 – Creating A Winning Proposal

  • Coming up with a price to charge is half the battle. The other half is getting it accepted! Learn how to make your proposal stand out and get noticed.
    • This chapter covers:
      • Learn all about each element in a proposal.
      • Overcoming possible customer objections.
      • What to do if your proposal is accepted.
      • A sample Cover Sheet is included for your use.
      • A sample Cover Letter is included for your use.
      • A sample Work Schedule With Attached Contract is included for your use.
      • A sample New Customer Sign Up Form is included for your use.

Chapter 9 – Hiring Staff

  • If you choose to hire employees this section covers what you need to know and why you need to know it. Learn how to get the best employees with simple tried and true techniques.
    • This chapter covers:
      • Running a help wanted ad.
      • How to spot a good candidate.
      • Other places to consider looking for new hires.
      • Setting up an employee rewards program.
      • How to start a new employee quickly and easily.
      • Replacing employees who leave.
      • Company rules.
      • A sample Assignment Form is included for your use.
      • A sample Non-Compete Form is included for your use.
      • A sample Company Rules Form is included for your use.
      • A sample Safety & Security Form is included for your use.
      • 12 Human Resource forms. Everything from job applications to performance reviews are included.

Chapter 10 – Buying Supplies

  • Discusses the basic supplies you need to perform your duties.
    • This chapter covers:
      • The “must have” supplies to get started.
      • Providing paper goods to the customer when needed.
      • Site requirements when starting a new account.

Chapter 11 – Making Your Business Run Smoothly

  • Ten years in the business has taught me a few lessons on how to keep it simple and effective.
    • This chapter covers:
      • How to handle the first day on the job.
      • Creating files for the bids you perform.
      • Creating customer files.
      • Creating personnel files.
      • Creating files for the other essential data you collect.
      • How to track “extra work” that was performed for a customer.
      • How to track supplies that were given out.
      • Logging information on staff efficiently.
      • Storing information that comes in from the customer.
      • Paying your bills.
      • Sending invoices out.
      • Employee check in and check out.
      • How to handle payroll.
      • How to track inventory on hand.
      • How to organize and store customer keys.
      • How to hire managers.
      • Staying on top of quality control.
      • Tracking new employee hours.
      • A sample Quality Control Form is included for your use.
      • A Training Period Time Sheet is included for your use.

Chapter 12 – Keeping Your Customers Happy

  • You worked hard to get those accounts right? Learn how to keep them so happy they will never leave you. A priceless chapter covers how to do just that.
    • This chapter covers:
      • The benefits of long-term customers.
      • What to look for when inspecting accounts.
      • How to handle complaints.
      • Signs to look for that indicate a troubled account.

Chapter 13 – Quick Start Guide

  • This chapter walks you through the entire start-up process one step at a time.
    • This chapter covers:
      • Summarizes what you need to do from day one.
      • Explains in complete detail how to market and promote your new business.
      • Step by step explanation of how to proceed once you start getting new commercial cleaning accounts.

Chapter 14 – You Can Do This!

  • The title of the chapter basically says all you need to know. This is not rocket science! You can do this!
    • This chapter covers:
      • Why you can do this!
      • Continuing your education.

With the printed version, you get this bonus CD which includes the following:

  • All the Human Resource forms contained in the course.
  • All the Sales Letters contained in the course.
  • All the Flyers contained in the course.
  • All the Record Keeping files contained in the course.
  • The Contracts that customers sign-up with.
  • “Google Places” Tutorial to get you fast-tracked.
  • Extra bonus material not found in the E-book edition.

You will also get my Pro Marketing CD which includes the following:

  • Over 3 hours of video webinars in 12 unique lessons.
  • 47 page Direct Mail Marketing E-book.
  • 24 page How To Use Facebook Timeline To Market Your Business E-book.
  • 30 Page LinkedIn Secrets E-book.
  • 30 page Referral Based Marketing E-book.
  • 26 Page Talking To Prospects E-book.

What’s so special about the Pro Marketing CD?

Well…I think this Pro Marketing CD is extremely important for several reasons. The first reason is pretty simple… you get over 3 hours of video webinars which will really help drive home the content found in the course. These are broken down into 12 individual lessons that cover a range of topics you need to fast-track your success.

Video Webinar Lesson 1Why I’m totally convinced you will have success in the cleaning business lays out why you will succeed in this business no matter what your experience level.

Video Webinar Lesson 2Business is everywhere focuses on how to view your surroundings in a new and enlightened way. Once you see the opportunities, you’ll know there’s no going back to that 9-5 job!

Video Webinar Lesson 3The power of networking lays out just how to mobilize an army of people to spread the word YOU now own a cleaning business and are looking for customers.

Video Webinar Lesson 4Ensuring customer satisfaction spells out my approach to keeping customers so happy they keep sending you that fat cleaning check each and every month.

Video Webinar Lesson 5Everything you do is connected to marketing speaks to the incredibly important topic of making sure you look as good as possible every step of the way. It’s easy when you know how!

Video Webinar Lesson 6Hidden profit centers discusses how to super-size your income almost overnight by promoting new services to your customers. A small investment here and there can double and even triple your income per account,

Video Webinar Lesson 7Be active in your community teaches you why being an active participant in your town will reap you large rewards over the long haul, making your company the number one choice in your field.

Video Webinar Lesson 8 Hiring & training new employees shares with you what I have learned over the years concerning bringing new employees into your company. It’s a can’t miss lesson in my opinion.

Video Webinar Lesson 9 Don’t get too comfortable covers the topic of making sure you stay on your toes, because “business” can disappear as soon as it appears if you are not careful.

Video Webinar Lesson 10 Live the life you deserve dives into my thought process as to what you need to do to get that dream lifestyle you always wanted. Hint: It’s right in front of you, you just need to seize it!

Video Webinar Lesson 11 Cleaning problems you’ll encounter is an absolutely priceless lesson where I spill the beans on what you can expect to happen once you get started. This lesson is 29 minutes of the most practical advice you’ll ever get!

Video Webinar Lesson 12 Connecting with clients is my personal time-tested approach to winning the customer over and getting them to choose you for their cleaning needs. I think you’ll find this lesson very valuable once you start meeting clients on your own!

Now lets take a look at the 5 bonus E-books I’ve included in this course. These E-books expand on various marketing principles that you will use to grow your business. These five info-loaded E-books range from 24 to 47 pages each and totaled together add an additional 157 pages of content to an already jam-packed course.

Direct Mail Marketing shares with you important tips such as how to make your mailing stand out from the crowd, mistakes you want to avoid when getting started, ten tips on creating a successful campaign, finding a quality list and tracking your results to name just a few.

LinkedIn Secrets dives into the benefits that this well established site has to offer YOU, the new business owner. LinkedIn allows you to showcase your skills, establish yourself as an expert in your field and seek opinions and feedback that you would never have otherwise had.

How To Use Facebook’s Timeline To Market Your Business gets you up to speed on the importance of using social media to your advantage, BEFORE the competition beats you to the punch. Learn both what to do AND what not to do in this new advertising medium.

Talking To Prospects will help you better understand “who” makes up your market. Then it goes on to discuss how to demonstrate confidence, ask the right questions, make your “call to action” and follow-up with potential prospects like you’ve been doing it all your life.

Referral Based Marketing shares with you ten proven and time-tested secrets to growing your cleaning business faster than you thought possible. You’ll learn how to set up a referral program, how to gather testimonials, how to market the program and so much more!

What Others Have To Say About My Course

“Hey Tom! I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me. The course Commercial Cleaning For Beginners I got from you was very easy to understand and had more information than I expected. Out of all the sites I looked at for help yours caught my eye the most, so I took a chance on it and I am so thankful that I did. Again “Thank You” you so much, I couldn’t have done it without you. PS. Anyone out there that needs help starting a cleaning business do yourself a favor and start here. You will not regret it.”
Thomas Kakiou – Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

“Your cleaning business material covers everything that a newbie like myself could or would ask when starting a cleaning business. I thought I needed to buy every cleaning business material I saw online, but the problem with the other courses was the lack of substance. Keep up the great work!!”
Anthony McCullough – Acworth, Georgia

“I would like to thank Tom for his professionalism, patience, his ability to share his knowledge and communication skills… I look forward to future endeavors with Tom Watson!”
Chester Hall – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“I just bought your guide and I love it!”
Linda Davidson – Toronto, Canada

“I like your course very much. It provides all the small details needed to get started. Thanks.”
Mary Jones – Atlanta, Georgia

“Dear Tom, I want to tell you something from the minute you sent me the book I have been reading it and was unable to stop reading. I took my time and finished the whole book now. I have been buying books and paying for memberships and pretty much became an everyday commercial cleaning learning junky and I would not been as confident as I am tonight if it wasn’t for your book.”
Steven Soto – Springfield, Massachusetts

“With your advice I am gaining more and more confidence. Thank you!”
Michelle Davis – Houston, Texas

“Tom, you really do provide a very sound proof plan for getting started. I want to thank you very much for making this book. It is because of you that my road to financial freedom will be a much smoother ride.”
Micheal Mann – New York, New York

“A lot of people are in need of the information you provide.”
Gina Thompson – Columbus, Ohio

“Thank you so much for all your help. You have no idea how much you have motivated me.”
Vanessa Simpson – Tacoma, Washington

As you can see, my course has helped many others just like you. So don’t think for a second that the testimonials above were from people who had any super human ability or special skill set. They were just ordinary people who had the right information at the right time. This “information” allowed them to eliminate all the trial and error associated with getting started.

Sadly the vast majority of people make countless mistakes in the beginning phases. These mistakes are both very costly and easily avoidable. I should know, as I made too many mistakes to mention when I first started. But the good news is you get to learn from my trial and error process! That means…

No more worrying about how to achieve success! I’ll show you what you need to do to guarantee success in your new business. I’ve learned a lot over the years, and I pass it all along to you in my course.

No more running around wondering what to do first! I share with you my personal “To-Do” list to get started in the fastest way possible. This will save you time and money.

No more wondering if your marketing materials are any good! I’ll show you the exact same flyers and sales letters that I have used to grow my business. Copy them word for word to duplicate my success.

No more worrying about how to get customers! I’ll show you how to go about getting the most profitable customers for your business in no time flat.

No more fear of meeting customers for the first time! I’ll share with you exactly how to handle the process from start to finish without leaving out anything.

No more wondering if you are bidding the jobs correctly! I’ll show you how to get it right the first time without a sweat. My time-tested method makes it easy to turn a profit.

No more wasted time! I’ll show you how to organize your business so that it runs like a well oiled machine every day, all year-long. This will leave you with more time for family and loved ones.

Take advantage of this offer today, BEFORE your competition does. You’ll save more time, money and aggravation than you can imagine with my time-tested methods for getting started! I GUARANTEE IT!

ACT NOW And Receive “Social Media For Business” Absolutely FREE

5 lessons for growing your cleaning business through social mediaI’ll show you how to master the four top social media sites and use them to grow your success in five easy lessons. Here’s what you’ll learn in this powerful 90 page course…

  • Week One: Introduction to Social Media
  • Week Two: Facebook for Business
  • Week: Three: Google+ for Business
  • Week Four: Twitter for Business
  • Week Five: LinkedIn for Business

My New, Five-Week Course “Social Media in Business” will help you understand the hidden motivations and barriers that people operate from… while grounding you at the same time with solid, “how to” information you need, to help you get started “right”.

Each lesson comes with an optional (but highly recommended) Weekly Assignment.

You can do these at your leisure as you prepare for the next lesson… knowing that what you’re actually doing is no exercise — You’re Building Your Business — on a solid social networking foundation that will stand the test of time.

Week One will truly set you up for success.

You’ll learn things about yourself, and others, that you never really knew. Such as…

  • Where you really are on the social media scale
  • Understanding your own online social preferences and habits
  • What secretly happens when you enter a social network
  • Why certain people are drawn to certain networks
  • The four basic types — and how to tell where you fit in
  • Seven personality traits — and how to understand them
  • Why this one type outnumbers its polar opposite on Twitter
  • Five strong reasons to choose one particular network over the others
  • Sixteen psychological profiles — boiled down to four different types
  • Self-evaluation tools — and how easy it is to use them
  • The “big clue” to look for — and two easy ways to determine this

And that’s just in the first lesson alone! Now it’s time to start…

Week Two: Cleaning Up Your Facebook Habits. In this lesson I’ll share with you…

  • 3 key ingredients for successful Facebook Page social networking
  • 5 ways to ensure your Profile Photo does its job
  • 5 simple facts to input — plan and prepare in advance
  • 4 Facebook Page design options — and why they really don’t matter, if you’ve done this right
  • Tidying up Loose ends — four points to make sure you’ve covered
  • 5 top tips for continuing to ensure success

Week Three’s lesson is next. It’s time to return to psychology (briefly) as we sail on towards Google+. This exciting new social network contains one hidden advantage sure to hook a particular learning type. I’ll show you…

  • What Google+ has done that Facebook failed to do
  • The “fifth element” of these four learning types (and it’s unique to online!)
  • Understanding — and using — Circles: Your not-so-secret weapon
  • Five strong benefits you can help yourself to, if you do it right
  • 3 simple steps for “prep”, before you even sign up
  • Stepping back for an overview (with 8 refresher-points to check)
  • De-mystifying Google+ Business Pages (including how to find yours again!)

Week Four is all about Twitter! We’ll start off by taking an open-eyed look at nine deadly types of habitual tweeters (which one will you be?). I’ll share with you…

  • The single most devastating mistake you can make on Twitter (Why it should be called `the Unforgivable Sin’)
  • A look at 3 highly-engaged celebrities — and why they do it right (It’s not just their celebrity status talking!)
  • The one thing you need to do, to copy their success
  • 4 steps to “conscious tweeting” — and how it can turn things around
  • Know these 7 key Twitter tools — and how to effectively use them

Week Five tackles LinkedIn. We finish off with the social network that’s as essential as having a business card — a fact that’s surprisingly not often understood. You’ll learn…

  • Ten easy LinkedIn tips and tricks to greatly boost your web visibility
  • Building your reputation quickly — while helping yourself to a host of side benefits and more
  • The secret strategy for taking the work out of other social networks — while using LinkedIn’s own resources
  • 5 powerful features that will cut your work time — and double the benefits
  • Why LinkedIn can chop the time you need for online research (as well as networking) in half

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Commercial Cleaning For Beginners Printed Edition w/bonus CD PLUS the Pro Marketing CD (3+ hours video webinars + 5 marketing E-books)

Price: $299.00

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