Want to get your accounts done FASTER? Buy better trash liners!

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by Tom Watson on December 3, 2017

There isn’t many things I hate more than a trash liner that breaks, leaks or tears during use.

You can add to that list trash liners you can’t open. You know what I’m talking about. You can’t find what end is which, or even which side should open!

I don’t know about you, but it literally drives me insane! And when we first got started in the business I was going nuts daily. In case you didn’t know, collecting the trash can take a significant chunk of time depending upon the account. While some jobs only have a few trash cans, others can have hundreds.

On the accounts that have a lot of cans to empty, it can take a while to swap out the bags. Over time I got a system down that worked for me. I bought better trash liners to begins with. I looked for one that matched the size of the can and were thick enough to not tear or break.

Though you can’t guarantee it not leaking, the better bags did help guard against that too. I also tied my bags so that they gripped the opening of the can. This way they did not sink into the bottom of the trash can when someone threw a heavier object inside it.

Though tying the bags took slightly longer, I got so good at it that it barely took any more time. I could do it blindfolded and wrap that can faster than probably anyone on earth!. Anyway… these few simple steps (better bags, tying each to fit the can perfectly) saved me more time than you could imagine.

No more trying to figure out HOW TO OPEN THE BAG, no more RIPS AND TEARS. And REDUCED LEAKS. Plus tying the bags kept the liners from collapsing in the can and you having to empty the whole can into another larger trash liner. A better quality bag also REFLECT BETTER on your company. You appear FIRST CLASS!

The bags may cost more, but that is the cost of progress (hint: I always had my accounts pay for the liners ABOVE AND BEYOND the cost of the cleaning services). So do yourself, your staff AND your customers a favor and investigate buying better liners. You’ll save time, your sanity and come across as more of a first class company by doing so.

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