5 tips on how to gain the trust of potential clients (and close more sales as a result)

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by Tom Watson on April 9, 2017

The real secret to landing more cleaning jobs boils down to one word. That word is TRUST. Without trust, you are not going anywhere.

This is because your potential cleaning business clients need to BELIEVE that YOU are the SOLUTION to their cleaning problem.

So in essence they need to trust what you are telling them when you go out on a bid and present a proposal that will fix their issue. If they trust what you are saying, odds are they will hire you. If they don’t trust you, well lets just say it’s back to the drawing board.

5 Tips For Building Trust Quickly

TIP # 1 MAKE REGULAR EYE CONTACT – Studies have shown that when people avoid eye contact, it makes those talking to them think they are hiding something. Not surprisingly when people make eye contact with another person it has the opposite effect, as it makes people come across as more sincere and trusted. Studies also show you’ll be judged as more intelligent if you make regular eye contact when speaking.

TIP # 2 SHOW EMPATHY – Put yourself in the other persons shoes and try to relate to the dilemma they are faced with. They have a cleaning problem, and it’s likely they will share their plight with you in some way. When they do, an effective method is saying “I’m sorry to hear that”. You’re not saying this as a way to accept blame but to express your regret that something bad has happened to them.

TIP # 3 DON’T COME ACROSS AS COCKY – This really means don’t confuse confidence with competence. It’s safe to say you can never have too much competence, buy you can have too much confidence. Overconfidence leads to being underprepared, biting off more than you can chew and setting unrealistic goals for the cleaning account.

TIP # 4 BE AWARE OF YOUR BODY LANGUAGE – Something as simple as sitting up straight and gesturing and nodding when people are speaking to you help lead to greater perceptions of competence. Small details like these can make a huge impact in how people view you, and by extension, your cleaning business.

TIP # 5 FOCUS MORE ON WHAT YOU CAN DO, NOT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE – Studies have shown that people have an unconscious bias to be more impressed with “what you can do going forward” than with “what has already happened”. So while it’s not a bad idea to share how you have helped other clients overcome similar cleaning related problems, focus on sharing the vision for how you will solve their problem with as much enthusiasm as possible.

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