Is A Strong Guarantee Important? Yes! Learn Why…

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by Tom Watson on March 31, 2011

Your guarantee is a key component to your success in the business world.

A good guarantee should make the buying public at ease with doing business with you.

Many people have written me on the topic of guarantees, and most are worried that they may be taken advantage of.

This fact stops them from offering a strong guarantee in their business. I always write back with the same reply: STOP WORRYING!

The vast majority of people will not abuse your strong guarantee, so that’s not even an issue to fret over. This does not mean some unscrupulous individual will not take advantage of you though.

From time to time you may encounter someone who just wants something for nothing. The world is a big place with all types of people in it, and you will do business with them all.

This means that some people are high quality and some people are low quality. You need to accept that fact up-front. When you are taken advantage of you just need to keep the “big picture” in mind.

This is because for every low quality person that abuses the system, there are one hundred who play by the rules. In other words you encourage the much larger group to choose you by having that guarantee in the first place.

The fact that you attract only one who wants something for nothing is a small price to pay. After all…I’ll take 100 to 1 odds all day long! Those types of odds are worth staying in the game for.

Though it may annoy you that someone “games” the system to their advantage, you get to take solace in the fact that those people will NEVER get anywhere in life with that approach as they are only fooling themselves.

Life is geared HEAVILY in favor of honest, trusting and open relationships. Those who don’t abide by those laws go nowhere. That is how life evens the score in a way.

So in a nutshell, don’t worry about making an iron clad guarantee in your business. Businesses with strong guarantees have one more reason for the general public to do business with them. For more information on guarantees click here.

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