The Benefits of Owning Your Own Cleaning Business

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by Suzanna Watson on July 27, 2010

Owning your own business is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Yes… you are always on call to some degree. Yes…it can test your patience.

It’s similar to having a child. You have created something that needs your attention and love. Something that needs to be pointed in the right direction to ensure a happy and productive life.

But the benefits are really worth it.

One big reason (my personal favorite); You don’t have to get up every morning at a certain time to report to a JOB. Since you are now the big cheese you can say; “Today I’m going to relax for a few hours”.

Not mention you can do the following at your convenience:

  • Hit the bank.
  • Make appointments for a hair cut.
  • Make a grocery run to the supermarket.
  • Schedule vacations at any time.
  • Get to the doctors or dentist during the day.
  • Fit in the other tasks that life throws at you.
  • Take your time without constantly looking at your watch.

One of my favorite benefits is going to see the Air Show that comes to our area in mid August. I make sure my calendar is clear for that day. I don’t have to use one of my vacation or sick days (like I used to), I just plan ahead for it.

Of course you cannot be cavalier about it, meaning don’t abuse the fact that you can do these things. If you think your free time through, you will be amazed at how much more you enjoy your business when you take these little benefits for yourself.

On the downside, taking vacation can get a little problematic. Just make sure you have someone on your staff (a family member or close friend will work as well) that you can trust to run your business for at least one week. It is much easier than you think if you plan for it.

If you must, you can always stay in touch electronically, but try not to. From my own experience, it will take a few days before you will really relax and enjoy your time away.

Also for all you worriers…remember that the vast (99%) of problems that occur while you are away are terribly minor in scope. They can be fixed in less than five minutes in most cases (in other words, enjoy yourself).

The benefits of starting your own cleaning business are real and achievable. Get your business started and reap your own rewards, you will be glad you did.

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