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by Tom Watson on June 26, 2010

One of the most important parts of starting your own cleaning business boils down to one thing.

Believing you will be successful.

This may seem a little obvious to some (I hope you are in this camp), but to many this whole “believing in yourself” talk is nothing more than nonsense.

The naysayers will say “belief” has nothing to do with it. They argue that your cleaning business will succeed or fail wholly on your efforts, nothing more. While I agree that “your efforts” are right up near the top of what you need to succeed, it does not possess the top spot.

Belief in yourself comes in at number one for me.

When you start a project, and you just know in your gut you are going to make it work come hell or high water, others see your belief. They see your desire to succeed. They see that you are “all in”. Then what…

They buy into it! (with their wallets)

When they see this belief they act on it. When they don’t see it, they take their money elsewhere, to someone who does have it. People (the passionate ones) want to do business with other people (passionate ones) who have a firm belief in their product and their ability to deliver it.

You can’t fake this. You either have a firm hold of your destiny or you don’t, and others can spot this. The simple moral here is to believe in yourself. When you do, others will believe in you too.

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