Should my business accept credit cards?

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by Tom Watson on August 7, 2016

Back in the old days having a credit card was a luxury. Not everyone had one and the folks who did have them used them sparingly.

Nowadays almost everyone out there has one, and they use them on just about everything imaginable. So the question becomes, should I accept them in my business?

I did not accept credit cards in my business

As the title of this section states, I did not accept credit cards for my cleaning business. To be honest, it was always my intention to accept them, it’s just that after being in business for a while I changed my mind.

I never made the move to accept them because I hardly ever got asked about whether or not I took credit cards. This was odd to me because when I started my business, I went full steam ahead, and I had lots of people hiring me.

Yet that topic hardly ever came up, and when it did it never affected the outcome of the deal. For instance when I said I didn’t take credit cards the person I was dealing with never said “forget it, I’ll go somewhere else”.

No… they just asked me “what did I accept?” I would simply say cash or check, and they never blinked once. Now if I had a ton of people asking me I would have gotten a merchant account ASAP. I also would have gotten one if I started to lose out on sales. But neither happened!

Should YOU accept credit cards in YOUR business?

This is a questions only you can answer, but I would suggest you apply the same litmus test as I did. So ask yourself… Are a lot of people asking me about this? Are those that do LEAVING when I say no I don’t? If the answer is yes then perhaps you should.

Getting them is very easy, unlike in the past when it was much more complicated. Companies like PayPal, PaySimple and Square can have you accepting payments without much of a fuss at all. Just make sure to compare rates.

I’ll wrap this up by just suggesting you think through the process before you just jump right in. If you need it, then go ahead, but if you don’t, there is no need to make running your business any more complicated than it needs to be.

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