Hit the bulls eye every time with this simple act!

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by Tom Watson on June 11, 2011

Following through on the promises you make is all that matters when you are in business.

The customer has a need, you fill it. It’s the equivalent of hitting the bulls eye on a target.   

This issue will define you when you own and operate your own cleaning business, so you need to give it the attention it deserves.

Following through on all the promises you make to the customer should be on the top of your mind at all times. All anyone has is their “word” in a sense, so make sure your word means something.

For instance if you tell a client that you will call them back in a week, then make sure you call them back BEFORE that week passes. If you tell them they will have a proposal in their hands by Tuesday, then make sure Tuesday is the day they get it.

If you explain to them that an issue will be addressed promptly with their cleaning service, then do it. Do not procrastinate under any circumstances, for that procrastination is the difference between running a profitable company and an unprofitable one.

You need to approach the issue this way. When people think of “you” and what you “stand for”, the words dependable, trust worthy and honest should be on the tips of their tongue. Many people just can’t get this part of the equation right. I see it in every industry I come in contact with, bar none.

In the last few months I’ve dealt with various home contractors, car salesman and real estate agents who routinely drop the ball when shooting for my business. I seek them out, but then they let me down in one way or another.

The sad part is I really don’t have a terribly high standard for them to meet. Just return my call, get me some numbers on your services then follow up with me to close the deal. It’s sounds rather simple but far too often companies can’t even meet that low standard.

Some companies simply don’t even bother calling me back. Can you believe that? The economy is in the tank, I’m trying to hand them money and they can’t get back to me. “Wow” is about the only word that describes how I feel on that one!

This problem is very prevalent in the service business. I guess these people think I’ll just stand by the phone waiting for them to get back to me one day. I won’t, but I can only assume that’s what their thinking.

Companies go through all the hard work of either gaining someones trust, or getting them to inquire about their business, then they throw it all away by being lackadaisical about following through on the promises they made.

This is easily preventable and should be a priority for you as you get started in this business. The vast majority of all promises only take a few minutes of your time to act upon and complete. It’s for this reason you need to make your promises come true.

Just the thought of losing potential business, or a current customer over fifteen or thirty minutes of your time doesn’t make any sense does it? I can’t see any situation where it does, I know that.

If you are anything like me you work too darn hard to throw away the money people are trying to give you, right?  If so then follow my lead and make sure you deliver on your promises. When you do, your customers will keep coming back and keep referring you to others.

And Oh, by the way, you’ll get wealthy in the process. Not bad for just doing what you said you would in the first place huh?

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