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by Tom Watson on April 21, 2011

Today I wanted to take a step back in time and speak about a few of our older posts. 

These “old timers” don’t really get the attention they deserve because there are from a while back.

While most everyone reads all the latest posts from the last six months or so, not many dig deep into the archives to read some of our early articles. Some of these posts have been hardly read due to their “age”.

It’s been quite a while since I last looked at these posts myself. I can honestly say I almost forgot we wrote them. With that said I think it’s a good idea to breath some new life into them.

These articles I’ve selected have some great information in them and I think you can get some use out of them by taking a few moments to check them out. Without further ado, he I go…

Grow Slow And Steady. This post is from April of 2010. It’s a short one, but it’s important because it touches upon growing your company when you first get started. You can read it here http://wp.me/pO3Aj-fA

Networking For Beginners. This is another post from April 2010. This one touches on one of our favorite subjects, networking. This post is a little larger than the first one, but it’s worth checking out just the same. Here you go http://wp.me/pO3Aj-dW

7 Secrets To Sales Success. Yet another post from April 2010. This post discusses some tips for making yourself more successful. I really like this post as it builds on the basics, giving you a strong foundation going forward. Here it is http://wp.me/pO3Aj-bC

Just Showing Up May Get You Hired. Posted in May 2010. This post is a true story of our “adventure” in trying to get a bid for some work on our home. A very powerful lesson can be learned by reading this. Check it out right here http://wp.me/pO3Aj-lG

Make Life Easy. Hire Quality People. Posted in June 2010. This discusses a very basic lesson in hiring. It’s so basic that it’s easy to overlook in your haste to hire someone. If you are ready to hire someone now, then you better read this one. Get it here http://wp.me/pO3Aj-F1

What Your Customers Are Really Buying. Another post from June 2010. This may be my all time favorite post. You can learn more in this brief post than you could in a 200 page book. You can read it here http://wp.me/pO3Aj-ut (I liked this one so much I turned it into a podcast too. This podcast goes into a little more detail. You can listen to it on my Podcast page, it’s podcast # 005).

Wow…something just dawned on me. This post seems like one of those Time Life “Best Of” infomercials you see late at night. Only instead of songs from the 70’s, we have posts from last year. I must be getting old!

Well there you have it, a few oldies but goodies from the past. If any of these posts “connects” with you just stop back and leave some comments below.

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