Is your business card earning it’s keep?

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by Suzanna Watson on January 14, 2011

Your business card is one of the first marketing tools you will invest in.

It is also one of the most wasted in terms of getting people to buy your service.

I know, you have all the vital stuff included like your business name, your phone, fax, cell, email and maybe even your web site too. But there is more to it than that.

Ask yourself the following 4 questions then take action.

1 – Are you using the back of the business card? You should be, as there is some valuable real estate sitting there waiting to be used.

2 – Do you have your unique selling proposition on the card? Your USP should be on every piece of literature you have, including the business card.

3 – What about your guarantee? You do have one right? If not create your guarantee and place it on your business card.

4 – Do you have any benefits listed? This may include making mention of any high levels of insurance you carry, the fact that you are bonded, that everyone on your staff wears a company badge or any number of other items.

You business card is your “traveling salesperson”. What would your salesperson say if he or she were out meeting potential customers? You would probably want your salesperson engaging customers, telling them about the benefits of your services, giving them a reason to buy right?

Your business card should do the same.

Business cards are one of the least expensive investments you can make for your business and you need to be creative with them. You can even put an offer on the back for discounted cleaning for the 1st month if you choose. Now that’s pretty creative!

You can also have more than one card printed, to offer different specials, or offer different services, such as hard surface floor care or carpet cleaning when you get to that point in your growing business. The possibilities are endless.

You can always change your card with the next printing, so experiment with different cards to see what gives you the best response. Your business card is a great marketing device, and a well thought out compelling card will get you more bang for your buck than just about any other marketing tool.

To summarize, put some real thought into what you have printed on your business card. It can make a huge difference! Also, always have them with you, as you never know when someone will ask you for one. You want to be a giving out cards at every opportunity.

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1 Tom Samual January 11, 2017 at 8:23 pm

Cool ideas! Never thought about using the back of my cards. Maybe a deal on their next cleaning?

2 Tom Watson January 15, 2017 at 11:37 am

Hi Tom! The back of the card is UNUSED SPACE that’s perfect for that idea.

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