Reading And Success Go Together

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by Suzanna Watson on August 8, 2010

Reading is fundamental. How many times have we heard that statement? Probably countless times, and it’s so true.

Lets face it we tell our children you must be able to read to get through school and onto college. Do we practice what we preach? Of course not!

As we become adults some of us continue the good habit of reading most do not. Why am I writing about this? Because there is so much material available to us in this electronic world that to not read and research is foolish.

Books open our world to self help and cost saving ideas. Purchasing a book could save you hundreds, maybe thousands. Don’t forget it keeps your mind sharp also.

When you are ready to start your own cleaning business never stop reading books pertaining to the business. Of course our book Commercial Cleaning for Beginners is the best place to start, but even subscribing to magazines is helpful in educating yourself on a topic.

There are many books to read from sales to motivation and everything in-between. Find a few that peak your interest and read them. If you are short on cash go to your local library and check out a few. If you don’t like them so what, its free.

I have a few favorites I will share with you right now. They are all by Jeffrey Gitomer and deal with sales and networking. They are easy reads and packed with lots of information. Most are around 200 pages. They are:

  • The Little Black Book of Connections.
  • Little Red Book of Selling.
  • Little Red Book of Sales Answers.

So practice what you preach to your kids, show them a good example and READ!!

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