Website Information Collection Page

Thank you very much for your website order! We really appreciate it. Now the process begins to build your new site. But before we begin, let’s review how the process will proceed from here.

1 – Complete the form found below to the best of your ability.

2 – If you have a logo file please send that separately via email to after completing the form on this page.

3  – Cleaning 4 Profit will take the information collected in the form you fill out at the bottom of this page and start building your site.

4 – During this time Cleaning 4 Profit will purchase and be the owner of record for the domain of your site.

5 – Cleaning 4 Profit will contact you in 7 – 10 days so that you can see your new website.

6 – Any changes that need to be made will be completed after your review. Your site will then go live soon thereafter.

7 – Payment will be made via the subscription you signed up for each and every month to keep the site active.

8 – If payment is missed due to lack of funds or any other reason, PayPal will schedule another attempt 5 days later. If that payment is also missed Cleaning 4 Profit will notify you that payment must be completed within 4 days or the site will become de-activated.

9 – If the site becomes de-activated, the domain will remain the property of Cleaning 4 Profit until the registration expires.


Now let’s get started!

Please complete the form below as best as possible to ensure a smooth website building process. If a question doesn’t apply just skip and move on to the next one.