Increase sales with professionally designed marketing materials!

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The more professional your marketing materials look the more business you will generate. That’s a fact. The reason is, because a poorly designed sales letter or flyer can scare people away from doing business with you.

Sadly many new business owners don’t know this. So what do they do? They just throw some hastily created sales letters and flyers together and hope for the best. That is no way to run a business, and truth be told, it doesn’t work!

It’s a shame because it basically throws a business owners hard work down the toilet. The good news is that this is easily avoided by having a professional create specialized marketing material for you. That’s where I can help!

Custom sales letters and flyers made EXCLUSIVELY for YOUR BUSINESS

I’ve created my own successful sales letters and flyers for the last 15 years, and now I can do the same for you. No more trying to learn specialized copy writing skills so you can write a sales letter that works. No more wasted time learning graphic design so you can create a flyer. Allow me to take that off your plate!

The services I provide are completely tailored to your needs. With my unique background in the industry, I can create custom sales letters and flyers for both the commercial and residential cleaning market. So whatever services you offer, I can work up something special just for your company.

So I humbly ask you to take a look at the examples shown below. They will surely help you come across as more polished and professional, which is very important to getting people to take action and call you. At the end of the day you need the phone to ring, and that is what I specialize in!

Some examples of our custom marketing materials

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The-Ins-and-Outs-of-Pinterest-for-Business-eCover-3All custom flyer and sales letter packages come with The Ins and Outs Of Pinterest For Business. In my 24 page specialized E-book I’ll show you how to use Pinterest as a tool in your marketing efforts. This special report covers:

  • Setting up your business account
  • Creating an effective profile
  • Creating organized targeted boards
  • Using descriptions strategically
  • Tools to make the most of Pinterest
  • Best practices for promoted pins
  • Examples of successful pins

Learning how to use Pinterest to promote your brand can help you grow your business in todays social media obsessed world. With well over 70 million users, Pinterest is one of the biggest social media networks to be involved with if you want to earn more money via social media marketing.

Make your business STAND OUT. Order today!

Custom Flyer Package (5 pack)
Five unique flyers made exclusively for your business
Delivered via email in PDF format
Perfect for beginners looking to stand out

Price: $99.00

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Custom Flyer Package (10 pack)
Ten unique flyers made exclusively for your business
Delivered via email in PDF format
Ideal for businesses seeking a variety of styles

Price: $159.00

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Custom Sales Letters (2 pack)
One 2 page sales letter AND one 1 page letter of introduction made just for your business
Delivered via email in PDF format
The choice for those that want to stand out from the competition

Price: $129.00


NOTE: Once you order one of the packages found above I will personally contact you via email within 48 hours so we can get started creating your custom marketing material (so PLEASE make sure the email you order with is both accurate and checked regularly to avoid any delays).