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Cleaning Flyers For Sale 1-256Hi Tom Watson here! My Cleaning Flyers Value Pack is loaded with over 100 different cleaning business flyers that are designed to get your phone to ring with hot prospects. I included flyers for both residential AND commercial cleaning type jobs, so you are covered no matter what type of work you perform.

A wide variety of cleaning flyers are included to give you maximum flexibility to market your cleaning business. There are flyers that are geared around holidays, flyers that offer various discounts for signing up and flyers that market to specific niches like real estate agents and construction clean-up jobs.

What’s really nice about this package is that each and every one of the flyers comes into two file formats. You’ll get a complete batch in PDF format and OpenOffice format. This means making changes to the flyers is quick and easy. PDF’s can be easily modified by whoever prints your flyers and OpenOffice is completely FREE. Cant’ beat that!

 Cleaning Flyers: The Low-Cost Marketing Plan

What’s so powerful about using flyers to market your business is the fact that they cost so little to produce. Create a master copy using one of my templates and print it yourself or simply take it to your local printer for making a batch very economically. You can make thousands of them for pennies each! From there all you need to do is distribute them to your target area by mailing them or handing them out. The process couldn’t be easier.

All of the flyers in my value pack have professionally written headlines and sales copy that positions your business as the “go-to company” for your area. Some flyers are designed to be printed in black and white for maximum economy when having copies made. Other flyers use just a bit of color either in the headline, body or via an image. The idea is that sometimes you just want to “standout” a bit more when marketing.

I’ve used the exact same flyers that are in my Cleaning Flyers Value Pack in my own cleaning business with great success. Sometimes we attach our business card to the flyer then go to door handing them out. Other times we have mailed them via direct mail with a sales letter included. Still other times we have distributed them at networking events. A well designed cleaning flyer can be your best multi-purpose marketing tool.

Get Instant Access To My Cleaning Flyers Value Pack

Order today and get INSTANT ACCESS to my Cleaning Flyers Value Pack. The entire package of over 100 fully editable cleaning flyers in two different file formats is only $29.00 if you act now. Create more income opportunities for your company using my low-cost cleaning flyers while knowing that your purchase is backed by my 100% Money Back Guarantee. This means you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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Cleaning Flyers Value Pack

Cleaning Flyers For Sale 1-256

Price: $29.00

P.S. Remember that if you are not happy within the first year of purchase, I will issue you a full no questions asked refund. So there is no risk to you!

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P.P.P.S. Keep in mind that this is a Limited Time Offer. This means the low introductory price of only $29.00 is subject to change at any time!

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