Testimonials from just a few of our satisfied customers.

“Hey Tom! I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me. Finding Cleaning 4 Profit was the best site I found for getting my business started. The course Commercial Cleaning For Beginners I got from you was very easy to understand and had more information than I expected.

The website you designed for me was absolutely awesome, and the prices for everything was very affordable. Out of all the sites I looked at for help yours caught my eye the most, so I took a chance on it and I am so thankful that I did. Again “Thank You” you so much, I couldn’t have done it without you.

PS. Anyone out there that needs help starting a cleaning business do yourself a favor and start here. You will not regret it.”

Thomas Kakiou
Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania


“Your cleaning business material covers everything that a newbie like myself could or would ask when starting a cleaning business. I thought I needed to buy every cleaning business material I saw online, but the problem with the other courses was the lack of substance. Not only does your material provide a solid base for starting a cleaning business but your blog and podcasts give it true substance now and into the future. Keep up the great work!!”

Anthony McCullough
Acworth, Georgia


“I would like to thank Tom for his professionalism, patience, his ability to share his knowledge and communication skills, keeping me abreast to every update and tweak to my evolving website. I look forward to future endeavors with Tom Watson!”

Chester Hall
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


“I just bought your guide and I love it!”

Linda Davidson
Toronto, Canada


“I like your course very much. It provides all the small details needed to get started. Thanks.”

Mary Jones
Atlanta, Georgia


“Dear Tom, I want to tell you something from the minute you sent me the book I have been reading it and was unable to stop reading. I took my time and finished the whole book now. I have been buying books and paying for memberships and pretty much became an everyday commercial cleaning learning junky and I would not been as confident as I am tonight if it wasn’t for your book.”

Steven Soto
Springfield, Massachusetts


“With your advice I am gaining more and more confidence. Thank you!”

Michelle Davis
Houston, Texas


“Tom, you really do provide a very sound proof plan for getting started. I want to thank you very much for making this book. It is because of you that my road to financial freedom will be a much smoother ride.”

Micheal Mann
New York, New York


“A lot of people are in need of the information you provide.”

Gina Thompson
Columbus, Ohio


“Thank you so much for all your help. You have no idea how much you have motivated me.”

Vanessa Simpson
Tacoma, Washington


“Thank you so much Tom! I am enjoying your course “Commercial Cleaning For Beginners”. I just love it! Its been so helpful in getting started in gaining commercial accounts for my business.”

Tina Harrison
Sarasota, Florida


“Dear Tom Watson, I began to strongly believe to your advice and guidance. In one month that I start getting my business card and flyer to people, I had four people calling me for job. So with your advice I feel like I can do it.”

Celestin Fangna
Alberta, Canada


“Tom, I purchased your program a couple a months ago and found it extremely helpful in starting my business and just wanted to say thanks.”

Melinda Harrold
London, UK


“A friend of mine owns a Vanguard franchise and he sparked the interest in me to get started in the commercial cleaning industry. However after hearing all the fees involved I decided not to purchase the franchise but instead start my own company with your course. I’m glad I did, thanks Tom.”

Brian Hubert
Columbus, Alabama


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