Frequently Asked Questions About Our Start-Up Guides

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What type of guarantee do you offer?

The most complete and hassle free guarantee imaginable. If for any reason you are not thrilled with the material you have purchased, you have the right to a complete refund for up to one year after purchase.

I promise a no questions asked refund of your purchase price and a sincere “thank you” for giving us the chance to serve you. For even more details about our guarantee policy click here.

Do you offer follow-up support?

Yes. Anyone who has any questions about the course material is encouraged to either email me or call me to have their questions resolved completely.

Do you offer formal coaching to go along with the course?

Not at this time though it is a topic that many have asked about. I do think coaching is in my future, just not in the immediate future.

How does your company process my online payment?

We have our own dedicated PayPal Pro merchant account which allows us to securely process all transactions on-site. The 256 bit encryption which is used is the highest standard available at this time. This results in a totally secure payment process for the customer.

Can I mail a check or money order instead of ordering online?

Yes, but only for US residents. When mailing payments please allow several days for your funds to clear. Below are the details available for each purchase option.

For E-Book purchases:

1 – Simply make your check or money order for $97.00 payable to: Cleaning 4 Profit

2 – Make sure you indicate which start-up guide you are purchasing.

3 – Include your email address with payment.

For Printed Manual w/bonus CD purchases:

1 – Simply make your check or money order for $169.00 payable to: Cleaning 4 Profit

2 – Make sure you indicate which start-up guide you are purchasing.

3 – Then mail to:

Cleaning 4 Profit
844 Powell Road
Tabernacle, NJ 08088

Special Note: New Jersey residents must add 7% sales tax on all purchases.

This equates to $6.79 for the E-Book which brings the total to $103.79

This equates to $11.83 for the Printed Manual w/bonus CD which brings the total to $180.83

How is the course delivered?


For online payment: If payment is made through the PayPal checkout selection (Option 1 when ordering), the program is available instantly via an email that is sent to you. Just click on the link provided in the email and “presto”, you have your course.

If payment is made directly through our site (Option 2 when ordering) an online receipt will be generated automatically. Just click on the link provided in the receipt and “presto”, you have your course.

For snail-mail: The course will be emailed to the email address provided after payment has cleared.

Printed Manual w/bonus CD

For online payment: We ship out all courses via US Postal Service Priority Mail. For more details see our Shipping Terms.

For snail-mail: The course will ship to the address provided after payment has cleared via US Postal Service Priority Mail. For more details see our Shipping Terms.

What format is the course delivered in?

Our course is made available in two formats, the first of which is the E-Book. As with nearly all E-Books sold today, it is in PDF format. This format was created by Adobe, and is one of the most popular publishing formats in the world. If you don’t have the ability to open a PDF document, you will need to get your free copy of Adobe Reader. To do so simply click here.

The second format available is the printed version. This particular selection is professionally printed and spiral bound for your convenience. This version also comes with a Bonus CD that is filled with all the sales letters, flyers and forms found in the course.

Some Other Common Questions

Is now a good time to start a cleaning business?

Yes. For starters virtually every segment of the economy, and jobs associated with that segment, is susceptible to downsizing. Having a “Plan B” in place is a really good idea. 

Not to mention having a second income in this economy is a wise choice. Once you get a few accounts under your belt the extra income can be used for anything from socking money away for retirement to cushy vacations, and everything in between.

Can I start my cleaning business part-time?

Absolutely. This is a great business to start part-time. In fact, that is what I did when starting out. I didn’t have just a full-time job, but a full-time job that required tons of overtime. So my time was quite limited way back when I first started out. The beauty of a cleaning business is you get to grow as fast or as slow as you want. So all you need to do is get just a few jobs under your belt and stop (getting more accounts) whenever you want.

Another benefit is that you can pick and choose the types of accounts you get to a certain extent. Meaning that if you stumbled across a cleaning account that you think would interfere with your regular job, you can just turn it down. It is really easy to just get a few small accounts under your belt, ones that may need servicing only once or twice per week. In fact my course is a big proponent of starting small. When you start small you get to learn without any pressures on you. Not to mention it’s much easier to learn the business in small bites.

What about insurance. How much do I need?

Insurance requirements differ depending on several factors. A competent insurance agent can walk you through the process. The course discusses how this is done.

Is insurance expensive?

Insurance is based upon risk. The more risk, the more the insurance costs. When you have only a few customers, you have little risk. In other words no, it’s not that expensive. In addition, your insurance can usually be broken down into quarterly (sometimes even monthly) payments.

Also keep in mind that normally you will not need to begin your insurance until you acquire your first customer. When you get a customer, call your agent to start the policy. Ready for the best part? Your customers monthly cleaning bill is what you will use to pay that insurance bill. Cool huh?

What kind of a vehicle do I need for a cleaning business?

When you first begin your cleaning service you do not need fancy vehicles, just a single reliable car or truck to get you around.

I live overseas, can I still order the program?

Yes. In fact our very first order came from the United Kingdom.

I live overseas. Will the program work there as well?

Yes. The program applies wherever you live. That could be in North America, South America, Europe or the Far East. Will some of the governmental agencies be different? Of course. Will insurance issues be different? Of course. Will other issues be different? Of course.

Does that change anything? No, it doesn’t. People are people. It doesn’t matter if they live above the equator or below it. It doesn’t matter what ocean touches their borders or whether it’s hot or cold. The principles are the same, it all revolves around “delivering on what you promise” and treating your customers like “Gold”.

I heard you need a lot of money to start a business. Is that true? 

The short answer is no you don’t. A cleaning business is one of the very few businesses that allow for a shoe-string budget. In fact my course is all about keeping your costs low during the start-up phase.

The real beauty of a cleaning business is that if you do everything just right in the beginning stages, your first few customers can finance your entire expansion. This means you will not be “betting the ranch” to start your own cleaning business.

I have a question you didn’t address here. What should I do?

That’s simple, just contact me. I’m always available to answer your questions.