February 2018

Being in business for such a long time meant I learned a lot about a variety of different topics. And much of what I did learn, I learned the HARD WAY. The up-side to learning things that way is they SINK IN. So to spare you the same fate, I dug up a selection of past […]


One of the biggest issues that will get business owners in trouble is money. Spending too much, or not enough. Sometimes it’s both. Spending too much on yourself and not enough on the business itself. It’s a delicate balance. You need to re-invest in areas like new business development (advertising) yet hold the line in […]


Just like last week, I’ve been digging through some of my past posts to find a few that I feel are important and are worth revisiting. Luckily there are plenty of posts to choose from! I can’t believe I’ve written so much over the years. Anyway, we have a few varying topics. I chat about real […]