November 2017

When I was out trying to drum up business for myself I did a lot of experimenting when meeting with potential clients. For instance I was always playing around with different questions to ask the client to see which ones give me the most useful information. The fact is you don’t always get a lot […]


As someone who cleaned my fair share of apartment turnovers, I know how hard it can be to manage the process. You may have multiple managers calling you at the last-minute to clean a bunch of units you didn’t know have to be cleaned. This creates issues that can reverberate throughout your entire company. Do you […]


Once you get established and have a base of customers under your belt you will want to consider expanding what services you offer. The more services you can offer the customer the more of a complete solution you will be to them. Now to be perfectly clear, you don’t want to rush into adding all types of different services […]