Keep things SIMPLE. COMPLICATED is the enemy and should be avoided at all costs!

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by Tom Watson on September 3, 2017

Take a good hard look at the image in this post. I know it’s a bit small, but the message is POWERFUL.

It conveys the concept of not over-complicating things. I know business seems like a machine with many levers. And in some cases it is.

But the cleaning business DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY. We are not NASA building rockets that send people to the outer reaches of the solar system. That IS COMPLICATED! Cleaning… IS NOT. So my short and sweet message for this week can be summed up in this way:

“When running your business, and ESPECIALLY when just starting out, focus on KEEPING IT SIMPLE. Your business will run better!”

At the end of the day your mission is pretty simple. PROMOTE your services. SHOW UP when called. LISTEN to the potential customer. Offer them a COMMON SENSE SOLUTION THAT FITS THEIR NEEDS. Then DELIVER on what you promise.

This boils down to five tasks.

  1. Promote
  2. Show Up
  3. Listen
  4. Offer Common Sense Solution
  5. Delivering On What You Promise

When you feel like things are just getting crazy and you don’t know up from down, revisit this list. This list IS THE CLEANING BUSINESS in it’s most basic stripped down and uncomplicated version.

Simple is ALWAYS better. This is because “simple” is EASY TO FIX when things go wrong. Simple has less moving parts, so it’s easier to diagnose when something needs tinkering with. Complicated on the other hand is well… COMPLICATED.


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