Why referrals can be so incredibly profitable

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by Tom Watson on August 20, 2017

To make a long story short, we recently purchased a new home and needed to hire a moving company to do the heavy lifting.

As you probably know, there are LOTS OF MOVING COMPANIES. Sadly, there are also LOTS OF BAD MOVING COMPANIES.

So instead of trying to sift through a bunch of companies, reading reviews along the way of all the horror stories (and occasional happy ending), we sought the advice of some friends we have down here. We figured this was not just the fastest way to go about it, but also the most likely to get us a good result.

So this process led us to check out a company that two of our friends used. Both were pleased with not only WHO came out and moved their furniture (no shady looking characters), but also how painless the process went. No hiccups. No broken items. No cost overruns. Just a straight up and simple move!

In fact, both of our friends just RAVED about how professional the company was. From the initial phone consultation to the move itself, everything was done with military precision. As you may or may not know, these traits are NOT COMMON in most companies, let alone a moving company.

So we gave these folks a call and were so impressed we hired them too. We hired them DESPITE THE FACT that this company charged a few hundred more than all the other local competitors. We hired them because of the referrals of our friends. They SOLD THEM on us.

The moving company really didn’t have to convince us of anything. They also didn’t have to justify the added cost of their service either! Sure they cost more, but WHAT’S THE PRICE OF A BAD MOVING EXPERIENCE? Broken furniture? Cost overruns? Stolen items?

We didn’t have to really worry about any of that! And when all was said and done our experience was the EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE of our two friends who had hired them before. They were everything our friends raved about. We couldn’t have been happier.

So the moral here is that this moving company was able to get yet another well-paying job (that cost them nothing as far as marketing is concerned) AND another satisfied customer who will surely refer them if the opportunity presents itself. That’s a win-win scenario if I ever saw one.

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