The QUESTION you need to ASK your TEN BEST clients

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by Tom Watson on July 30, 2017

If I had to guess, I would say that 90% of all cleaning business owners don’t know why people buy from them.

Odds are this 90% ASSUMES they know the answer to this question and that clouds the actual reason from ever being known.

The minority who knows why people CHOOSE THEM are most likely those that operate highly successful businesses that are insanely profitable. Now the ONLY WAY to know the REAL ANSWER to this question is to ASK YOUR TEN BEST CLIENTS one very simple question.

Why did you choose my company?

When you have a moment during an encounter with one of your top ten clients I would simply say something along the following… “If you don’t mind me asking, when you were selecting a new cleaning vendor WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MY COMPANY? The answer would really help me out going forward.”

The answers you receive from your top ten clients will provide the formula for the conversations you’ll be having with your future prospects. Think about it for just a moment. Only the people who are currently buying FROM YOU can shed light WHY THEY DO SO. This is some of the most valuable information you’ll ever be in possession of!

Once you KNOW WHY you appealed to them you will be able to focus on THOSE REASONS whenever you talk to POTENTIAL CLIENTS DOWN THE ROAD. You may even be able to incorporate the reasons into your marketing materials in some way. You’ll get new ideas for flyers, business cards and sales letters that will help make prospects TAKE ACTION.

So I encourage you to start diving deep into the REASONS why people have chosen your cleaning company. You’ll learn a lot about your business, and if you play your cards just right you will be able to parlay that knowledge into increased sales and profitability in the near future.

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