May 2017

How to make more money off your mailing list

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by Tom Watson on May 28, 2017

The cleaning business is EXACTLY LIKE just about all other businesses. The goal is to create recurring revenue each month by convincing enough people to do business with you. It sounds simplistic, but it really is THAT SIMPLE. People however tend to complicate things (I sure did a lot of that when I was new). In particular […]


Over the years my company has cleaned just about every type of account you could imagine. Some of those jobs came about by accident, as we have gotten tons of referrers over the years. But some of these cleaning gigs we were hired for were no accident at all. They were the result of us thinking […]


My company used to clean a defence contractor that was right around the corner from my office. It was a real large facility that we cleaned five times per week. It was an awesome account that brought in a lot of money per month. We not only did the regular cleanings, but also quarterly “top to […]


It was years ago, but I can still hear my insurance agent tell me “always do your best to minimize risk”. The context of the conversation was twofold: Have the proper insurance AND do things the right way. I always took that advice to heart and tried to be smart about everything. One of the main […]