April 2017

When I was first starting out in the cleaning business I did my fair share worrying about this or that. It’s kind of hard to avoid because you simply don’t know all that much when you first get started in the cleaning business, or any business for that matter. For me, one of the things […]


The number-one way to ensure quality referrals is to give great service in the first place. The happier your customers are, the more likely they’ll be to refer their friends and colleagues in your direction. Here are six tips for making sure your current customers are as pleased as possible. Work hard at this, because […]


I’ve written a lot of posts over the years about how to use direct mail in your cleaning business. One of the first articles on direct mail was all the way back in 2010! Another post talking about how much I made off one letter was a few years later. I’ve written a bunch of others over […]


The real secret to landing more cleaning jobs boils down to one word. That word is TRUST. Without trust, you are not going anywhere. This is because your potential cleaning business clients need to BELIEVE that YOU are the SOLUTION to their cleaning problem. So in essence they need to trust what you are telling […]


Specialty Cleaning Items That Come In Handy

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by Tom Watson on April 2, 2017

Whenever you own any type of business you are going to collect some tools of the trade. In the cleaning business that means you have a basic list of items needed to start a cleaning business. In the beginning you won’t have much beyond the bare minimum, but over time you’ll collect more and more […]