March 2017

Politicians depend on voters to get elected. A salesperson depends on people to purchase whatever they are selling. A teachers success is tied to how well students respond to the lessons. The common thread through each of those scenarios is that everyone’s success hinges on getting other people to buy into their ideas. You can’t have […]


When people first get the idea into their head that they are going to start a cleaning business it’s easy to get confused about what direction to take. One good example of that is this one question I tend to get asked. It goes like this: Should I hire people first then get accounts or should […]


Proper telephone etiquette for business owners

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by Tom Watson on March 12, 2017

As most everyone knows, my goal is to get you to run the best cleaning business possible. Some tips I share make a big difference and some are smaller details that help you fine tune your business. This post deals with a smaller detail that falls under the fine tune category, but it’s important nonetheless. […]


Several years after starting my cleaning business I attended a seminar that revolved around growing your business the right way from day one. This seminar lasted one week and I learned a lot about a ton of different topics. Everyday we had one or two new speakers that zeroed in on a particular aspect of […]

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