February 2017

One of the things I did in my business was make sure the customer knew who my employees were. Basically I needed low-cost uniforms! So I had my buddy who owned a printing company make me a bunch of t-shirts, caps, sweaters and light jackets with my company name and logo plastered across them. This is important […]


Your NEW Boss: The Office Manager

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by Tom Watson on February 19, 2017

Many people think a business owner IS THE BOSS, and while that is true to a degree, they actually report to someone else. That would be THE CUSTOMER. They are the ones that PAY YOU, so they hold all the cards. The more you get hired, the MORE BOSSES YOU HAVE! Office managers are the people […]


A business card is a staple of almost every single business that gets started. They are inexpensive and should be given out whenever possible. Distributing them gives you the chance to spread the word about what you do. Done right they are an invaluable tool for getting new business via word of mouth. When we were getting […]


Bargain dust mops for your cleaning business

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by Tom Watson on February 5, 2017

Dust mops are a staple of just about every cleaning business. Whether you clean homes or businesses they come in handy. I can’t tell you how many I had in my business, but it certainly was quite a few. I settled on Rubbermaid for my needs, but many others are good too. Anyway, I scanned […]