Harassment, intimidation and bullying in the workplace.

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by Tom Watson on December 4, 2016

Nobody likes to work in a hostile environment, or one that makes them feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. Yet sadly this situation is very common in today’s workplace.

Employers are responsible for making sure that this type of behavior doesn’t take place. For more information on this visit the website of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Workplace harassment is defined by Wikipedia as: “Workplace harassment is the belittling or threatening behavior directed at an individual worker or a group of workers. … Under occupational health and safety laws around the world, workplace harassment and workplace bullying are identified as being core psychosocial hazards”

Some of the larger companies I’ve worked for in my life have classes that go over what exactly is workplace harassment, intimidation and bullying. Some may include video presentations or power point slides that go over every aspect of the law and what is the employees AND employers responsibility in reporting and addressing this behavior.

Some other resources for learning more on this topic include:

Anyone can become a victim of workplace harassment, intimidation and bullying, and it can happen anywhere. Sometimes it’s obvious and other times it hides in the underbelly of an organization. Making sure it doesn’t take root in your company is not only a wise decision, it’s your responsibility.

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