When hiring people, make your training FIRST CLASS and PROFESSIONAL

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by Tom Watson on November 13, 2016

Before being a business owner, I was an employee in someone else’s business more than a few times. So I’ve taken my fair share of training classes as a new employee of an organization.

Training ranged from horrible to awesome, but most fell somewhere in-between. Some jobs just throw you into the fire with little to no training.

Others give you the bare minimum and hope you catch on, while a few do a decent job of preparing you for the workforce. But the rare breed of company actually gets it right. They go “all in” and make “an investment” in those they are going to trust to make their business run.

And this type of commitment is what I want you to consider making in your new hires. Though it may cost you a few more bucks, the training allows you to “set the tone” for how your company operates, what your company expects out it’s staff and also how to properly perform the job you are asking them to do.

In other words its the complete package. This type of training pays dividends on the back-end by giving you the type of staff you need to be the first class company you want to become. If you don’t effectively train people, they will “fill in the blanks” and operate by their own rules, which may not match your expectations.

An Example Of First Class Employee Training

One of the best training classes I ever took for a job left nothing to chance. Everything they did was a well thought out and executed. It started the moment I were hired. My paperwork was ready to go, organized and they gave me copies of my job description which they had me sign.

They told me when my first day would be and how long training would last. I knew my hours for each day and how I was expected to dress for class. Training was held in a classroom that was neat and each trainee had all their training materials sitting at their desk.

The policies and procedures binder was there along with the company handbook. They even provided pens and highlighters along with a note pad for notes. The final touch was a small duffel bag with their company logo on it so we could carry our materials home at the end of class.

Each day was broken into sections that included a little bit of everything. We watched videos, then went over what we learned. Some videos even had worksheets that had fill in the blank sections to see if we were paying attention. Other times top management came in briefly to introduce themselves.

They even had an employee that had been with the company for a while come in to do a Q&A with the new hires. We got to ask tons of questions about every aspect of the job we were being hired to perform. They spent a good deal of time on “acceptable behavior in the workplace” too.

We had hands on training as well, and paper printouts that we could take home so we didn’t forget any key facts about the task at hand. They took us out to their facilities to learn the lay of the land, and even took us on trips in the field so we could see workers in action.

This company gave us several 15/20 minute breaks during each morning and afternoon section so we could clear our brains and let what they were teaching us set in. To top it all off they even paid us for our lunch hour. It was FIRST CLASS and PROFESSIONAL during every step of the process.

Keep in mind this was an established company and they took a great deal of time to put this training together. You won’t be able to duplicate that level of training for some time, but that’s not the point. You can take elements and incorporate them into your efforts pretty easily without much cost.

Think through how you train new recruits and try to draw some inspiration from what I just described. If you do, some day down the road you may be the benchmark that others are judged by. The one that goes first class, and as a result gets first class employees that know their company values them, and in return rewards the company by doing an awesome job.

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1 Francia November 29, 2016 at 12:55 pm

Thanks for the great information. I strongly agree with this post! A good employee starts with good training and ongoing support.

2 Tom Watson December 11, 2016 at 12:16 pm


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