November 2016

I hardly ever watch T.V. The only time I do is when a show comes on that I can learn from. So the other day I stumbled across a show about Ted Turner. In case you didn’t know, Ted Turner was the person who founded CNN, the cable news network over thirty years ago. The show […]

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Before being a business owner, I was an employee in someone else’s business more than a few times. So I’ve taken my fair share of training classes as a new employee of an organization. Training ranged from horrible to awesome, but most fell somewhere in-between. Some jobs just throw you into the fire with little to no training. […]


We have all heard the equation E=Mc2. That’s Albert Einsteins most popular mathematical equation. While that one has a meaning far above what most of us can comprehend, there are other equations that are much simpler to grasp. One in particular comes from the business world and it basically tells you the formula for making […]